*UPDATE* Dinner For Fiends: Microwaving Last House

The latest Dinner for Fiends is here!You know that with another HUGE remake in theatres it wasn’t gonna be long before we waxed on about its pros and cons. This time out Creepy, The Foywonder, Andrew Kasch, and special guest Ben Rock hashed out the good, the bad, and the over-cooked.

Last House on the Left left everyone a bit divided, but the rage came damned near full circle when the conversation took a turn to Rob Zombie’s latest shenanigans on Halloween 2. But nothing, and I mean nothing, could prepare us for one of Foy’s most hilarious rants ever concerning a certain channel that has changed its name.

By the way, I should point out that we did things a bit differently this time out. Don’t know if you’ll notice or not, but hopefully you will dig. Let us know whatcha think!

The Background music is now gone. If you’re curious and wondering what all the hubbub was about you can listen to the first experimental version here.

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  • Uncle Creepy

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    • Daniel

      Why is it not showing up on iTunes?

      • Uncle Creepy

        Will soon there’s a problem with the update software

    • Uncle Creepy

      Okay. The version without the music is now live. Just click and download as you normally would. All is once again right in the world.

    • Messiahman

      Fuck it – I LIKE the music. It makes the show seem more professional. I’m used to listening to talk radio and Howard Stern, so this sort of thing is nothing new.

      I say keep the music — it adds interest and variety to the show (not that you guys aren’t interesting, of course).

      Change can be a good thing, which I feel it is here.

      • El Regio Dude

        Sorry, man, but i disagree on this one. I think it sounds more amateurish with the music trying to be a protagonist on the show. If you have a show on the Radio, you can use perfectly some elements as support, but in this case, in a conference line, i think it sounds forced, and loose some of the feeling the show already have. I understand your point, but i don´t think the background music works on this podcast. The show is already great, and you can see how much it improve with the years.

        (english is not my first language, so sorry if i don´t make myself clear)

        “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

      • NMEwithin

        I agree as long as it’s bumper music. It would add some much needed production value to these things but music in the background while people are talking is a big no-no in radio production.

    • The Buz

      Well thank god everyone is of one opinion for once. This makes the decision easy.

      And fuck you all the Hell Yeahs are staying.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Well, ok then. This makes it pretty easy decision wise. No more music. Thanks for the feedback guys!

      • El Regio Dude

        Can we have another version of this edition, with the normal editing?

        “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

        • Uncle Creepy

          Yes, we have one without the music on the way.

          • El Regio Dude


            “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

    • El Regio Dude

      I didn´t like the music, at all. Very distracting, and with the exception for the “Hell Yeah” (even that was kind of annoying at times), i dont´think it was a good idea. The regular format it´s more than OK.

      “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

    • perihelion

      I say just stick to an intro and outro and skip the rest of the music. Or at least try to do just instrumentals with very low volume. I really lost concentration to what you guys were saying and that NEVER happends when I usually listen to your excellent show! Everytime I see that you guys have released another Dinner for fiends the world suddely gets filled with colour and my face is turned into this huge ugly smileyface (american werewolfstyle) ! 😉 Cant wait to the next one.

      Pardon my piss poor english.. And another thing. Foy’s rant was… WOW! 🙂


      • El Regio Dude

        I´m with you, man, 100%.

        “Chuletas de vampiro, Chabelo!”

    • Jon Condit

      honestly not a big fan of the music. the Hell Yeah drop was hysterical but was milked for a little too much effect I think. curious to see what other peoples thoughts are.

      great job in assembling this though Buz!

    • The Buz

      Thanks for the feedback folks! I edited this one together this time around and will be for the future, and I decided that I’d experiment a little to see if you guys liked it or not.

      Most of the songs I used were all related in some way to what the guys were talking about (I.E. Foy ranting and can’t always get what you want coming on).

      So I will ask, should I just turn the music down very low so it is only background noise? Or just have an intro and outro song?

      It’s all about you guys, so I leave the decision up to you.

      Thanks for listening! Sorry I distracted you all.


      • Uncle Creepy

        Gotta say … great job Buz. The HELL YEAH stuff is brilliant. I don’t think we’ll ever hear Zombie’s name mentioned again without it. LOL

      • The Woman In Black

        I love all the little added effects here and there, but yeah (or is that HELL YEAH!) the background music throughout the whole thing is pretty distracting. But even still, great first effort, Buz! We appreciate all the work and thought you put into it and look forward to the next one.

      • Styling Shatner

        I say that the intro and outro song (either the same tune, or two different ones) is fine (as hey, they usually provide good laughs themselves) but otherwise, no music at all. In fact, at times outro music would have been great; for example, and the end of the Friday the 3rd Taint episode, getting to hear something like Lion’s classic Love Is A Lie tune, i.e. the song that Crispin Glover memorably danced to, so that it’d give people other than me the great mental image of Creepy or Butane dancing like that to the song.

        Still, good work on what was a noble experiment, at least in theory.

      • NMEwithin

        This being the only DFF I have ever listened to, I have nothing else to compare it to but I do have a couple of suggestions.

        Some theme music at the front and end of the episode would be nice as would Creepy announcing the name of the show, the date and the topic up front.

        Other than that I thought it moved along pretty well except for the tangent discussion of Halloween 2.

        Creepy is a good host.

        No offense Buzz but I thought the “Hell Yeah” sounded amateurish, misplaced and slightly annoying. Unless sound effects are purposely scripted in place for editing they just don’t sound right.

    • Styling Shatner

      Admittedly, I’ve only heard like the first 1/4 of the episode so far, but I’ll have to agree with the consensus in that I’m not a fan of having background music. It was distracting and it took away from the experience more than it added anything. Now, as nice (or, NICE!) as it is to hear James Brown and amusing as it is to hear the goofy score to the original LHOTL, I’d rather there be no background music at all for any future DFF episodes.

      Although, I did enjoy the Rob Zombie drop, but that was about it in terms of added stuff.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Thanks for the feedback guys … so the question beckons? No music, lower music, or occasional low music? Most of the music hears in this show was from the original Last House soundtrack.

    • perihelion

      BTW, for all of you who wants to see the ending to 1994-version of The Fantastic Four that they talk about in the latest DFF. Check this out, totally hilarious!


    • Kyle Reese

      Gotta agree – I had a harder time focusing on what was being said due to the music playing in the background, though it’s not a complete deal breaker.

      The little sounds here and there were funny (YEAHHHH!), but otherwise it was somewhat hard to listen to with the music. Though I did love the James Brown in the background, haha.

    • perihelion


      Backgroundmusic was hugely distracting. It might work with something instrumental without lyrics but as it was now it just made me lose focus on what was being said and that cant be a good thing.


    • Minion

      The music was a little distracting at the beginning but it was much better the longer it went on. Still a little unsure of it though… Nice experiment anyways!

    • FilmCritic3000

      I can’t wait to dine on this edition. 🙂