Dinner for Fiends Nominated for a Splatcademy Award!

An all new Dinner for Fiends for your ears!Well. Holy shit! Who knew an hour of dick jokes and horror talk every couple of weeks would garner us some prestigious attention amongst our peers?

Dinner for Fiends has been nominated for a Splatcademy Award in the category of “Best Horror Podcast” over on DeadLantern.com.

Last year we took Best Horror Website, and this year we weren’t even nominated. Guess that’s just their way of saying we suck now. YAY!

Seriously, thanks, guys. Even just being nominated makes us proud. You’re the reason that we’re allowed to exist. We will continue to bust our ass to provide you with the best damned website that we can.

Follow that link and show us some love. In return we will show you our genitals.

Uncle Creepy

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • DeadLantern

    There is no fix.

    Something is going screwy with the Word Press voting tool we are using. It’s not counting ballots twice, but instead, for some people it is assuming they are another person who already voted, thus not allowing you to vote because it thinks you already have. It’s only happening to some people though; definitely strange. Technology is stupid sometimes.

    However, we will hopefully fix that in the next couple of days. In the meantime, we are posting a ballot in .doc format that people can download and then e-mail back to us to make sure that your vote is counted.

    Sorry for the inconvenience

  • FilmCritic3000

    Wow, even though I haven’t voted, the site already picked choices and then thanked me for voting. There’s not even a place to vote on the site; it’s all text-based – vote.deadlantern.com

    Hmmm…I smell a fix…

    • DeadLantern

      There’s now a “paper ballot” on the site that you can fill out in the event you are getting that screen. see my above comment for an explanation on what is happening.

      Technology sucks 🙂