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Horrible Imaginings #174: Phantasm!



Hello everyone! It is time for another episode of the Official Podcast of Horrible Imaginings Film Festival, and this is an exciting one because we get to nerd out about one of those horror franchises partly responsible for helping drive the passion that makes our festival possible: PHANTASM!

Well Go USA has just released the 6-disc blu-ray box set of all Phantasm films, including the latest Ravager. These discs are absolutely packed with amazing special features, documentaries, interviews, and everything a Phan of this series could hope for.

This episode is the audio from our newest show—a webseries called HiffTV on YouTube! If you want to get the visuals, as well as the audio, head over there and subscribe to our channel! We will talk movies, film festival tips, advice for filmmakers, and more!

Now, what are you waiting for? Get to listening, share this around, and get your set for the ultimate Phantasm marathon!



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