Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Embarking on a Cross-Country Tour This Fall

The Southern Gothic, supernatural musical Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, written by Stephen King with music and musical direction by John Mellencamp and T Bone Burnett, respectively, will tour across North America this fall.

Jeffrey Combs Performing Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe in the Boston Area on Halloween

If you're in New England and have never seen Jeffrey Combs perform Nevermore: An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe, then clear your calendar for Halloween night because he'll be doing just that at the Somerville Theatre right outside of Boston.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Getting an iBooks Release; 20-City Tour Coming in October

If you've been following the ongoing saga of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County from Stephen King, John Mellancamp, and T Bone Burnett, here's some new news about the project: This week it's being released as an illustrated interactive digital book with exclusive video and graphics.

Pan's Labyrinth Being Reworked as a Musical for the Stage

Pan's Labyrinth being retooled as a musical for the stage? Yes, you read that correctly. Normally we'd be bitching and moaning about it; however, this project has something going for it... one Guillermo del Toro.

Ghost Brothers of Darkland County DVD/CD Coming in March 2013

It seems like we've been talking about the Stephen King/John Mellencamp collaboration Ghost Brothers of Darkland County for years now, but finally we can all get a look - and listen - at it when a deluxe edition DVD/CD is released next year.

Phil Nichols' Frankenstein Stage Play Gets a New Lead Actor

The Houston Country Playhouse's production of Frankenstein helmed by Phil Nichols is gearing up for its October 12th start, and we just got word that a new lead actor is stepping into the pivotal role of Victor Frankenstein.

Promo Videos, New Poster, and Image Gallery for Phil Nichols' Frankenstein Stage Play

A new stage production of Frankenstein is heading to Houston's Country Playhouse this October 12-27, and director Phil Nichols sent over a big batch of goodies to help whet the appetites of any Texans who might be interested in attending.

LA's ZJU Theatre Group Becomes Soul Less This June 9-30

Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group becomes Soul Less this month as Huston Huddleston’s frightening new comedy will be performed on the troupe's North Hollywood, California, stage from June 9th-30th.

Catch the Final Performances of Nosferatu This Weekend in New Jersey

New Jersey isn't just about orange people with dangerously sharp hair and cleavage you can't escape; it's also about VAMPIRES - the kind that rip your head off with teeth or sharp nails. And an ambitious theatre troupe is proving its love for the fanged with a live performance of Nosferatu.

Carrie Stage Play Closes Two Weeks Ahead of Schedule

After reading some less than stellar reviews for the Off Broadway Carrie stage play reboot, we weren't exactly expecting it to move on and light up Broadway, but the news of its demise two weeks ahead of schedule did come as a bit of a surprise.

Jeffrey Combs' Nevermore Returning to the Steve Allen Theater on March 15th

Los Angeles' Steve Allen Theater is undergoing a name change to Trepany House, but one thing that hasn't changed is how great Nevermore, one of the playhouse's most popular shows, is; and if you've yet to see it (or want to again), you have the chance starting March 15th.

One Night Only Event: LA's ZJU Theatre Group's Haunted House Calls Benefits the Red Cross

Live in the LA area? If so, on February 24th you can combine an evening of magic and mystery with benefiting a very worthwhile charity as Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre presents a one-night only event: Magician Micah Cover’s chilling interactive performance of Haunted House Calls.

A Few Stills from Carrie the Musical

It isn't often, but when opportunities like this come along, we wish we lived closer to New York City. Carrie has returned to the stage in a newly revised Off-Broadway production that began January 31, and to help make up for the fact that many of us won't be able to see it, we have a trio of stills to share.

LA's ZJU Theatre Group Bracing for an Attack of the Rotting Corpses

LA area zombie lovers, take note! Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group in North Hollywood, California, has a new play on the horizon entitled Attack of the Rotting Corpses that has your names all over it!

Artwork, Details, and Pig's Blood Dropped for Carrie the Musical

We've been talking about Carrie the Musical for quite some time here on Dread Central, and with its premiere date of January 31st creeping up on us, the MCC Theater has dropped some eye candy and more!