Platinum Dunes

Take a Look at the Halloween Film that Never Was

Here's a rare treat for you cats. A look at a Halloween film that never was. Get set to dig on some stills and a video that tell of a far different Michael Myers rampage than what we got from Rob Zombie. Check it out!

A&E Greenlights a New Pilot for an Occult Crimes Drama from James Wong

A&E is starting to look like horror's new best friend. With its "Bates Hotel" series on the way and a pilot coming for "Those Who Kill", another genre project has just been greenlit with some pretty impressive talent behind it. Read on for the details!

Juliet Snowden and Stiles White Talk Ouija

Now that Universal has come to its senses and is letting Ouija, based upon the Hasbro board game that lets users talk to the dead, be a horror movie instead of a Jumanji-like adventure as originally planned, we're beyond excited and have an update on what to expect!

Ouija Points to New Writers

Not a day passes in which we're not grateful that Universal has come to its senses and is letting their film Ouija, based upon the Hasbro board game which lets users talk to the dead, be a horror movie instead of a Jumanji like adventure as originally planned.

Hasbro's Ouija Finally Pointing to Horror Film

We've been talking about what a missed opportunity it would be to turn a movie called Ouija, based on a board that lets you talk to the dead, into a big budget family extravaganza since the idea was first presented. Finally Hollywood has come to its senses!

Aussie Actor Rhys Wakefield Joins Vigilandia

What's this? Another casting update for James DeMonaco's Vigilandia, which is coming to us from Platinum Dunes/Universal? The latest addition is Rhys Wakefield from Queensland, whom you may recognize if you saw Sanctum.

Former Disney Star Signs on to James DeMonaco's Vigilandia

The cast of the upcoming Platinum Dunes/Universal film Vigilandia seems to grow on a daily basis, and word of yet another new actor signing on to the project has come. Read on for the details.

Another Warm Body Checks into Vigilandia

Some more new blood has signed on for Vigilandia, Platinum Dunes' latest film with Universal. Read on to find out who's next to join the ever growing cast!

More Cast Members Head Out to Vigilandia

Vigilandia, Platinum Dunes' latest film with Universal, is seriously on the fast track as more casting news has come our way. Read on to find out who's next!

Paramount and Platinum Dunes Find Their Hauntrepreneur in Russell Brand

Another horror comedy is well on its way, this time taking a look at the multimillion dollar haunt industry! Could Halloween get bigger than Christmas in terms of decorations and special places to visit? It just could be!

Lena Headey Heads Out to Vigilandia

A bit of casting news has come in for Vigilandia, Platinum Dunes' latest film with Universal. A female lead has been found, and there's no doubt she's gonna kick some serious ass. Well, at least we hope so.

Universal and Platinum Dunes Taking Us to Vigilandia

Ever since Platinum Dunes misfired with its A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, they've been pretty damned quiet. Usually news would have come by now for a gritty sequel or remake of something or other. That being said, a new project is officially on the horizon.

The Unborn - Jumby Wants to be Sued

Remember Jumby? Jumby remembers you. Jumby wanted to be born. Jumby wanted to be in a good movie. Jumby still can't believe he ever hooked up with those Platinum Dunes guys. Jumby thought his troubles were over. Jumby now lands in court. Poor Jumby.

Universal's Ouija Spells Out the Name of Another New Writer

While we're still of the mindset that nothing made by Parker Brothers can actually contact the dead on the other side, we're still really interested in seeing just where the hell a movie based upon a board game is going to go.

Platinum Dunes Looking for The Hauntrepreneur

Though they always have a myriad of projects on their slate, you can add another to the list of movies that Platinum Dunes wants to make ... in the horror for the whole family genre. Interested? Read on for the 411! According to THR Paramount is in negotiations to pick up The Hauntrepreneur, an original spec by Scott Rosenberg.