Platinum Dunes

The Horsemen Trailer Rides In!

We just received word from the guys over at Bad Taste that they've posted the first trailer for Platinum Dunes’ The Horsemen! The site is in Italian so the trailer likely is as well (I can’t watch it to verify where I am), but at least we’re finally seeing more movement on this!

Twilight Staked Near Dark, New Moon Director Confirmed

We, as horror fans, actually now have a damn good reason to give thanks to Twilight. According to Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller, the planned remake of Near Dark has been canceled because of it.

Kosar Working on Satanic Thriller With Platinum Dunes

Amid all the other projects the Platinum Dunes boys have their hands in as of late, including the Nightmare on Elm Street remake that was confirmed yesterday, it’s good to see they’re still working on original concepts as well.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake is Now a Go!

Platinum Dunes continues its reimaginative ways by taking yet another beloved horror franchise and giving it the remake treatment. The next one up? A Nightmare on Elm Street. So what are their intentions?

Pics & Date for Platinum Dunes' The Horseman

A nice crop of pictures for Platinum Dunes' other horror film that's not called Friday the 13th or The Unborn just hit online and as expected we have some directions for you to go and check them out!

New Friday the 13th Stills Now Online

You know we're getting close to a film's release when you get to write a new story about it nearly every day. In this episode of sweaty Friday the 13th anticipation we present to you some new stills!

Check out Jason's Sack in New Friday the 13th!

Our brothers in harm over at STYD scored themselves the first look at Jason flaunting his sack from the upcoming Platinum Dunes remake of Friday the 13th. Gotta say, I still dig this look a bit more than the hockey mask, but then again ... I'm old school.

New Friday the 13th Trailer is LIVE!

First a new poster and now a new trailer! That's what I call progress! Ready to see what this latest trip to Crystal Lake seems to have in store for us Jason loving faithful? You know you are!

New Friday the 13th Poster Now Online

While the teaser poster was quite simple and exactly as it should be, the newest poster for the latest Platinum Dunes reboot, Friday the 13th, is nothing short of badass! Curious? Then come take a peek!

Exclusive: Friday the 13th Set Visit Report!

I’d never been to Austin, TX before, but it’s one of those cities that I’ve heard so much about that I couldn’t wait to finally get a chance to check it out.

Friday the 13th Trailer!

All right, finally a good quality look at the trailer for Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th reboot! I have to admit I never expected it would show up on MySpace of all places, but that just shows what a smarty pants I am.

Tons of Goodies for Goyer's Unborn!

MTV Overdrive now has your exclusive first look at the trailer for The Unborn, the latest horror movie from David Goyer, which you can check out below.

The New Jason Unmasked!

Someone very sneaky was on hand during the shooting of the new Friday the 13th and managed to snap some pretty candid shots of the new Jason Voorhees unmasked! The pics showed up today over on Horror Bid, and while they’re all pretty clear, it's still hard to make out the disfigured face too clearly.

Borin Investigates The Butcherhouse Chronicles

I know this is a website and not something you’d likely be reading while standing up, but just in case be sure you’re sitting down for this one. Ready? A music video director has been hired to helm a horror movie for Platinum Dunes.

New Friday the 13th, Burrowers Imagery

The Toronto International Film Festival is just around the corner, and with it will come one movie that I’ve been looking forward to for the last few years; J.T. Petty’s The Burrowers. Big monsters in the Old West? Yes please!