Platinum Dunes

Friday the 13th Remake Blu-ray / DVD Art

Warner Bros sent us over the teaser Blu-ray/DVD ad for Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13th redux. Wanna know what's coming? Dig it, baby!

Kyle Gallner Officially Moves to Elm Street

The Haunting in Connecticut star Kyle Gallner is going to have a lot more to contend with than just the spirits of eyelid-less corpses because he's officially joined the cast of the Platinum Dunes remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

UPDATED: Jackie Earle Haley IS the New Freddy!

One name that keeps being mentioned as a possible Freddy Krueger in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is Jackie Earle Haley, and it's starting to look more and more like the role is his if rumors swirling around today on the Net can be believed.

Update: Amanda Crew NOT Elm Street's New Nancy

A little news cruised in from a source close to the production of Platinum Dunes' remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It seems Amanda Crew is being strongly considered to play the role of Nancy in the redux.

Elm Street Reboot Script Review

Get ready for the most unique script review you've ever seen. El Mayimbe over at Latino Review has put up a video review of Platinum Dunes' script for the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. You need to check this out ASAP!

Cool Elm Street Remake Fan Trailer

Even though everything has been relatively quiet, you can bet that there are a TON of actors out there vying for the role of Freddy in Platinum Dunes' A Nightmare on Elm Street remake. One such actor is Christopher Johnson, and he's gone so far as to actually cut a trailer.

The Man Behind the New Freddy Krueger

While we wait for the various rumors and reports about who will be portraying Freddy Krueger in the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street reboot to play out, at least one thing has been confirmed: Makeup FX for the project will be handled by Andrew Clement of Creative Character Engineering.

Jackie Earle Haley Talks Nightmare on Elm Street Casting Rumors

So now that the Elm Street redux is official, everyone's wondering ... who is gonna play Freddy? One candidate for sure is Watchmen star Jackie Earle Haley, and rumors have been swirling concerning his potential involvement.

Friday the 13th Sequel Movement

It’s not greenlit yet so technically this isn’t official, but industry insiders are reporting that New Line and Platinum Dunes are actively developing a sequel to their Friday the 13th reboot, with writers Damien Shannon and Mark Swift back working on the script again.

Hasbro Has Their Say on Ouija Film

You see, here's the thing ... if you believe that anything made by Hasbro or Parker Brothers can be used to communicate with the dead, then I got nothing for ya, man! For the love of Christ it's reality check time! I mean really!

Tentative Start Date for New New Nightmare on Elm Street

God help us. With the HUGE success that was their Friday the 13th redux, Platinum Dunes' reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street has gotten itself a start date for filming!

Unlucky Weekend for Friday the 13th

A steep drop-off in box office is not all that surprising after a film opens to huge numbers, but an 80% drop-off? That cuts worse than a machete to the head. Jason must have worn out his lower half doing all that running in his new film because he sure doesn't have any legs.

Dinner for Fiends: Friday the 3rd Taint

Venom. Spite. Disgust. Boredom. These are the ingredients that make up the latest Dinner for Fiends, along with a dash of basil for color and flavor. This recipe is necessary to counter the bad taste left in our collective mouth from the new Friday the 13th redux.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Friday the 13th

You’ve read two wildly different opinions of the Friday the 13th remake, and now it’s time for the thoughts of our resident twisted Canadian, Rick Trembles, the only way he can express them: through art!

Fuller & Padalecki Talk Friday Sequel

The folks behind Platinum Dunes have had a very good weekend. They’ve made a lot of money and shown once again that horror can still not only lead, but dominate the box office. So of course the talk of a sequel has begun already...