P.J. Soles

Halloween: 35th Anniversary (Blu-ray)

Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, P.J. Soles, Nancy Loomis

Exclusive: P.J. Soles Talks Halloween's 35th Anniversary

You really can’t help but love P.J. Soles: the ribboned pigtails, the infectious smile, and the look of always being slightly bored but up for anything. Remembered for Carrie and as Riff Randell in Rock ‘n’ Roll High School, it’s her iconic death-by-phone-cord (remember those?) scene in Carpenter’s Halloween...

P.J. Soles Enters Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights

Hey there, fiends! Last week was an absolutely incredible week! The show has hit a landmark - our one-year anniversary! It is so amazing to me that only two years ago I was a "substitute" horror journalist at another website.

Comic Book Divas Reveals Cover for Upcoming Comic Squirrel

Comic Book Divas is a comic publishing company founded and run by comic enthusiast Jeff Hughes. To help promote Comic Book Divas' upcoming publication Squirrel, a sneak peek of the special issue has been released.

New Website and One-Sheet: Dan Walton's Bind

When will we ever learn? STAY OUT OF THE WOODS! There's no fun to be had there! Just murder, mayhem, violence, and the distinct lack of anywhere sanitary in which to drop a deuce! Ah well. At least we have a body count to entertain us as we wait for the hammer to fall.

Bind Casts Up for a Winter Vancouver Shoot, Director Talks

Gutterballs co-executive producer Dan Walton got in touch with us over the weekend to give us the latest on his in pre-production flick Bind, which we last reported on here.

Halloween Vets in a Bind

More casting news has slipped out regarding Dan Walton's directorial debut, Bind. Some original Halloween firepower has joined the growing list of genre talent eager to help Walton bring on the frights.

Exclusive: A Talk with P.J. Soles

With featured roles in Brian De Palma’s Carrie, John Carpenter’s Halloween, Allan Arkush's Rock 'n' Roll High School (featuring The Ramones), and Rob Zombie’s The Devil's Rejects, P.J. Soles has appeared in some of the most iconic cult/horror films of all time.

Soles, P.J. (Halloween)

Ah, yes! The ever so sexy and spunky P.J. Soles. She stole our hearts in the original Halloween, and even after three decades later she still hasn't given them back! In order to h