Syfy Airing a Slew of Corman Creature Features and Lots More over Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Fan of Corman creature features? What about Mega Vs. flicks? Been wanting to catch up with "Defiance"? Well, this coming Memorial Day weekend, Syfy has you covered on all counts!

Foycast XI: Graveyard Love

So many people have repeatedly asked, “When are you going to do another Foycast?” Your 16-month wait is finally over! The 275,986th most pointless podcast on the Internet finally returns to the broadcast airwaves to rob listeners of 90 minutes of their time. Careful what you wish for.

Piranhaconda (2012)

Starring Michael Madsen, Rachel Hunter, Rib Hillis, Terri Ivens, Shandi Finnessey, Diana Terranova Directed by Jim Wynorski

Second Piranhaconda Trailer Swims On In

Between any one of the 7,000 shark movies coming out and Piranha 3DD, man-eating aquatic creatures have been getting a lot of love lately. The second trailer for Piranhaconda just got caught in our nets, and we have the beast hung up and on display.

From the Producers of Sharktopus... Piranhaconda Has a Trailer and an Airdate

Piranhaconda... Legendary producer Roger Corman, b-movie impresario Jim Wynorski, and Syfy have birthed a half-anaconda/half-piranha monstrosity. Will it be the heir apparent to Sharktopus? See for yourself.

Asstastic New Piranhaconda Sales Art

Somewhere on this latest bit of sales art there's a Piranhaconda. Or so we've been told. We're more focused on the finer assets of this incredible, bodacious, juicy, and finely formed one-sheet.

Piranhaconda Behind-the-Scenes Photos and Video Surface

Will Piranhaconda be the next Sharktopus? Syfy and producer Roger Corman certainly hope their newest monstrous hybrid takes the world by storm later this year. Some behind-the-scenes images and video have slithered their way to the surface.

Piranhaconda Revealed - At Least Its Head

He's given us Dinocrocs, Dinosharks, Supergators, and the now legendary Sharktopus. Next up for the great Roger Corman is Piranhaconda. Up until now the look of this Syfy monster mishmash has only been the subject of speculation, but read on and you'll get a head's up at the piranha/anaconda hybrid.

Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter to Hunt Piranhaconda

One's an intense movie tough guy. The other is a former swimsuit model. The producer is a legend who most recently birthed a Sharktopus. The director is a b-movie kingpin who most recently pitted Dinocroc vs. Supergator. Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter have now signed on to star in the Roger Corman-produced, Jim Wynorski-directed Piranhaconda.

Roger Corman and Jim Wynorski Breeding a Piranhaconda

How can you possibly top Sharktopus? One word: Piranhaconda!