Piranha 3DD

Exclusive: Patrick Melton Talks Black Light, The Collection, Piranha 3DD and More!

This writer caught up with prolific horror screenwriter Patrick Melton (the man behind such frightful fare – along with cohort Marcus Dunstan – as the Feast series, Saw IV through 3D and The Collector) and now co-author of the novel Black Light last night to pick his brain on the latter as well as to gather his thoughts on his co-penned scripts Piranha 3DD and The Collection (the latter the sequel to the 2009 Liddell Entertainment release The Collector).

First Piranha 3DD Behind-the-Scenes Imagery Gets You Wet and Slippery

Okay, perverts! Get your mind outta the gutter, although there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to John Gulager's upcoming sequel Piranha 3DD. Either way! Get ready to dig on some fishy new behind-the-scenes stills!

UPDATE: Piranha 3DD Trailer Debuts This Weekend Before Apollo 18; First Teaser Art!

We cannot wait for John Gulager's Piranha 3DD to start tearing up theatres this November, and if you're one of the folks who are planning on seeing Apollo 18 this weekend, you'll be one of the first to lay eyes on the upcoming aquatic chaos.

Paul Scheer Talks Ving Rhames and Piranha 3DD

As much as we loved Piranha 3D, there were a few unresolved issues left floating in the water. Thankfully the highly anticipated John Gulager directed sequel, Piranha 3DD, tows two of them to shore.

Exclusive: Director John Gulager Talks Piranha 3DD and More!

Just back from shooting Piranha 3DD in Wilmington, North Carolina (the flick opens nationwide via Dimension this coming November 23), director John Gulager, who’s currently knee-deep in post-production, took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with us regarding the shoot as well what fans can expect of his sequel to the 2010 Alexandre Aja-helmed Piranha 3D. Read on!

Piranha 3DD Spoiler Filled Unofficial Set Visit Swims Online

Hungry for the details on the upcoming toothy sequel Piranha 3DD? Yeah, we can't blame you. We are, too, and thanks to a sneaky little visit to the set of the film, quite a few of them have broken the surface, including some gore shots!

Boundary Pushing Piranha 3DD Wraps Production!

Director John Gulager is getting good at many things. First and foremost there are few people out there who can pile on the sick quite like he can. Secondly he knows how to do so in a quick and efficient manner as word has just come down that production has wrapped on his toothy sequel Piranha 3DD.

More Piranha 3DD Casting News: The Hoff Rounds Out the Cast!

Man, just when you think the cast of John Gulager's upcoming underwater extravaganza Piranha 3DD couldn't get any better - or cheesier - along comes the news that none other than David Hasselhoff has signed on for a part in the flick.

Three Familiar Faces Returning for Piranha 3DD

The news has just come down that three surviving members of Piranha 3D will be returning for the John Gulager-helmed sequel, Piranha 3DD. Any guesses as to who they are? From the Press Release:

Katrina Bowden Joins Growing Cast List for Piranha 3DD

And another pretty face has been added to the cast list for John Gulager's highly anticipated Piranha 3DD. The question looms: Will she simply be more meat for the beast or one of the survivors? From the Press Release:

Greatest Piranha 3DD Audition EVER

Never mind the recently added Gary Busey! What John Gulager's Piranha 3DD needs is Chicago actor Andy Eninger. One look at his audition reel for the movie and you'll see why. Hell, if it were up to us we'd put this guy in EVERYTHING!

Gary Busey Dives into Piranha 3DD

The enigma that is Gary Busey is one that transcends him becoming a mere apprentice. You cannot fire Gary Busey. Only Gary Busey can fire you. And now the crazy man himself is off to chum the waters in John Gulager's Piranha 3DD. From the Press Release

Cast Announced for Piranha 3DD; Production Officially Starts

Consider the waters officially chummed! We told you a week ago that Piranha 3DD would be started today and lo and behold the official word has come along with the first casting news! Dig in! From the Press Release

Exclusive: Director John Gulager Talks Piranha 3DD in Real 3D and More!

“I can’t tell you anything. We should talk on Good Friday. I think it would be better if we talked on Good Friday,” Piranha 3DD director John Gulager teased us tonight on the phone as we chatted with him regarding the status of the flick, which is set to go before cameras this Monday, April 25.

Piranha 3DD Casting Notes Hit the Net

And the Piranha 3DD details keep on coming as casting notes for the upcoming film have appeared online. Warning, though, before you read - there are some minor spoilers to contend with.