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New Poster Proves Simon Pegg Has A Fantastic Fear of Everything ... Especially Wearing Pants

Well now. Not sure if we ever wanted to see this much of Simon Pegg, but hey, we all suffer for our craft. Somewhere out there right now shamed political figure Anthony Weiner is green with jealousy! Check out the, ummm, eye candy!

New Trailer and Stills: Simon Pegg in A Fantastic Fear of Everything

While most of the country is out with their families having Easter dinner or hunting for eggs, we're right here - keyboard in hand - bringing you the latest. Why? Because we're heathens and our real family is YOU! Speaking of which, you owe us a backlog of Xmas and birthday gifts!

Hammer to Restore Horror Classics for Preservation

There's no doubt about it ... when it comes to horror, few studios are as synonymous with the genre as Hammer. The long and rich history they have with some of the world's greatest monsters and movies is nothing short of legendary, and they're looking to take steps to preserve these gems for many generations to come!

Simon Pegg Appears Scared as Hell in First A Fantastic Fear of Everything Image

The first ever image from Crispian Mills' A Fantastic Fear of Everything is here just in time for the upcoming AFM, and even though it's on the small side, it shrieks volumes! Dig it!

Simon Pegg Has A Fantastic Fear of Everything

Finally, after years of working on comedies, thwarting spies, harboring aliens, and flying starships, Simon Pegg is coming back home to something more genre related. That's right, kids. Read on for the first details about his new flick! From the Press Release: