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In the House of Flies Gets a Retro-Fitted Poster and Some Film Fest News

In the House of Flies (review here) is gearing up for an appearance at the Arizona Underground Film Festival, and in honor of the occasion, they've released a new retro-fitted poster.

If a Tree Falls on a Sequel Will It Exist to Exit?

A sequel to the 2010 indie horror hit If a Tree Falls, entitled If a Tree Falls 2: Exist to Exit, is on its way; and we have the very first bit of teaser art for you right here. Check it out!

In the House of Flies Kicks Off its "Abduction" Campaign with Two New Posters

Gabriel Carrer's In the House of Flies (review here) is gearing up for a new "Abduction" campaign to get the film of front of more people, and we have a look at the two new posters created for the effort.

New Teaser Trailer and Poster Buzz in for In the House of Flies

Indie film project In the House of Flies, starring Ryan Kotack, Lindsay Smith, Henry Rollins, and Ryan Barrett, has gotten itself a brand new teaser trailer and poster, and we have them for you right here along with two other teasers that have been released over the past couple of months.

If a Tree Falls Will It Score a Release Date? You Bet It Will!

After lots and lots of talk the folks behind the new indie horror flick If a Tree Falls have finally hammered out the Canadian release details, and we have them all for you right here! Dig it! From the Press Release The Philip Carrer-directed feature If A Tree Falls is set to be released nationwide on May 31, 2011.

If a Tree Falls Will You Hear the Screams of the Murdered?

In the new indie horror flick If a Tree Falls, more kids get in a car for a scenic trip through the countryside and make it to their destination, happy and unscathed. Of course I'm bullshitting. That would be a completely awful movie, no? From the Press Release

Early Word and Teaser Art for In the House of Flies

Today we got word of a new indie project entitled In the House of Flies, which promises that, unlike previous horror films with people ‘trapped’ in a situation, this film is largely based on character instead of shock factor.

If a Tree Falls (2010)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Starring Ryan Barrett, Jennifer De Lucia, Daniel Zuccala, Breanne TeBoekhorst Directed by Philip Carrer

If a Tree Falls in Canada Things Get Really Violent

Even the Canadians have got themselves some good lookin' indie horror coming on fast and furious as information on a new violent slasher flick called If a Tree Falls has just come across our desks.