Phil Nichols

First Details on Spavine and a Sneak Peek of the FX Sculpts of the Killer

Word of a new indie project arrived in our inbox this week along with an early look at some FX sculpture work done by Phil Nicholas for the project. Check out the first details on Spavine {Marked by Damage}.

Phil Nichols' Frankenstein Stage Play Gets a New Lead Actor

The Houston Country Playhouse's production of Frankenstein helmed by Phil Nichols is gearing up for its October 12th start, and we just got word that a new lead actor is stepping into the pivotal role of Victor Frankenstein.

Promo Videos, New Poster, and Image Gallery for Phil Nichols' Frankenstein Stage Play

A new stage production of Frankenstein is heading to Houston's Country Playhouse this October 12-27, and director Phil Nichols sent over a big batch of goodies to help whet the appetites of any Texans who might be interested in attending.

A Sneak Peek of the Creature Sculpt for Phil Nichols' Stage and Film Frankenstein Projects

We previously told you about Phil Nichols' upcoming stage production of Frankenstein at the Country Playhouse in Houston, Texas, and now we've gotten word that he also has a Frankenstein film project in the pipeline with the working title The Sick and Twisted Tale of Frankenstein.

Indie Horror Month: Phil Nichols Casts His Frankenstein Stage Play and Shares Info on Juice: Zombie Alley Vol. I

Actor/writer/director/producer/special effects maven Phil Nichols is one of the busiest guys we know, but in honor of our Indie Horror Month celebration, he took some time to drop us a line with an update on what he's been up to.

Behind-the-Scenes Lobby Cards for Renfield: The Un-Dead

Renfield: The Un-Dead had its long awaited home video release earlier this week, and in honor of the occasion Melissa Nichols, one of the film's producers who also worked as production designer, art director, and special makeup effects artist/creature effects assistant (and had a small role in the film - talk about wearing a lot of hats!), sent over a batch of behind-the-scenes lobby cards for us to share.

Pre-Production Concept Art for Phil Nichols' Stage Production of Frankenstein

It's not quite Halloween 2011 yet, but if you live in the Houston, Texas, area, you just might want to mark your calendars for the 2012 Halloween season, as that's when a new stage production of Frankenstein will be hitting the Country Playhouse.

Renfield: The Un-Dead Will Rise onto DVD this October

Renfield: The Un-Dead, a movie we've been reporting on for quite a while now, is hitting home video courtesy of R Squared Films, and finally everyone will have a chance to see it for themselves this coming October 25th.

Facades FX Launches Creepy Features Line of Prosthetics

Just in time for the 2011 Halloween, haunted house, and zombie walk season, the award-winning effects team of Facades FX is proud to present its signature line of professional grade foam latex prosthetics: Creepy Features. The first style line in the Creepy Features collection focuses entirely on those brain-eating, lurching fiends we all love so much: ZOMBIES!

Award-Winning Renfield: The Un-Dead Launches New Promo Campaign

Fresh off its win of two Remi awards at the 44th annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival, indie horror vampire tale Renfield: The Un-Dead, directed by Bob Willems, written and produced by SFX master Phil Nichols, and starring Nichols in the title role, has launched a clever series of promo images featuring Renfield leaving his mark on history.

Early Details, Videos, and Concept Art for New Indie Feature Zombie Alley

Producer Mark Lawyer of Red Star Entertainment Productions dropped us a line today with a ton of info on the company's upcoming Zombie Alley, including posters, videos, concept art, and a synopsis. Dig it!

Go Behind-the-Scenes of Renfield: The Un-Dead

The folks at Poison Apple Films have lifted the curtain a bit on what went on behind-the-scenes during the shooting of Renfield: The Un-Dead, including a special effects "sizzle" reel and a gag reel that shows what happened when Phil Nichols, dressed in character as Renfield, encountered a landscaper on the set.

Indie Horror Month - Phil Nichols Talks Renfield: The Un-Dead, Project Pangea, Creating a Special Make-up FX Empire, and More

For Phil Nichols, his fascination with the horror genre began at a very young age. The writer/director/producer/actor/special effects guru (how's that for being multi-hyphenate?) spoke about how being born into a family with an appreciation for the spookier things in life sparked his many interests in working within the genre.

New Renfield: The Un-Dead Poster; WorldFest 2011 Screening Info

We've been talking about director Bob Willems' Renfield: The Un-Dead for quite a while now, and in case you've been wondering when you might be able to see it, if you happen to live in or around the Houston, Texas, area, you're in luck!

Pre-Production Begins on Project Pangea: Dinosaurs Unleashed

It's been almost a year since we first got the early word on Poison Apple Films' Project Pangea: Dinosaurs Unleashed, but we heard from director Phil Nichols today with an update, and things seem to be moving along quite nicely. From the Press Release: