Phasma Ex Machina

Universal Officially Remaking Phasma ex Machina

With Matt Osterman's Ghost from the Machine (formerly Phasma ex Machina) now readily available on DVD and VOD, you're able to check out this highly buzzed about indie flick anytime that you want! Just how good is it? Good enough to warrant a remake!

The Ghost from the Machine Comes Home

Finally Matt Osterman's Ghost from the Machine (formerly Phasma Ex Machina) has made its way home, and we have all of the details you need to find out how and where you can see the spooky! This new supernatural thriller from Screen Media Films is now available on iTunes/DVD/VOD. Make sure you check it out today! We hear it's pretty damned good!

Screen Media Lands Phasma Ex Machina, Changes Title to Ghost from the Machine

Finally the scientific tale of losing a loved one and refusing to let them go has an official home to call its own, and with it has come a new title that rolls off of the tongue about as easily as the original one.

Glowing New Sales Artwork: Phasma Ex Machina

Some new artwork came in today for the haunting tale on the way from writer/director Matt Osterman, Phasma Ex Machina, that's guaranteed to shine a light on terror. Dig on it below, and check out the Phasma Ex Machina website for more. Official Synopsis

20th Century Fox Looking to Remake Indie Spooker Phasma Ex Machina

Another film debuting at the Fantasia Festival tomorrow is Matt Osterman's sci-fi/horror hybrid Phasma Ex Machina, which has been garnering a hell of a lot of positive buzz lately. So much so that one of the big studios have taken notice and are planning their own version.

Unnerving Trailer Debut and One-Sheet: Phasma Ex Machina

The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with. In fact some would go to any lengths necessary to have their dearly departed back with them. The only trouble is raising the dead never leads to anything good, and in the new flick Phasma Ex Machina the results can be deadly.

Phasma Ex Machina Trailer Now Live

Here at Dread Central we LOVE ghost stories. The more noise the dead, make the happier we are. A haunting new tale is on the way called Phasma Ex Machina from writer/director Matt Osterman, and I've gotta say it looks kind of spooky.