Peter Stebbings

Greg White's Separation Hitting VOD on April 15th; New Clip Released

Separation is a twisted piece of filmmaking that will have you questioning just you're watching right up until the final moments. It's a skillfully constructed indie that hits VOD this Monday, April 15th, and in honor of its release, we have a new clip for you.

Never Cry Werewolf (But Can We Cry Rip-Off)

Take the movie Fright Night, change the teenage boy into a teenage girl and the vampire into a werewolf, replace his manservant with man's best friend, make the vampire-hunting TV horror movie host a rugged outdoorsmen TV hunting host instead, and you get the new lycanthrope chiller Never Cry Werewolf. All that's missing is finding out the lead character has a goth chick best friend nicknamed "Evil Edda".