Perros Muertos

Trailer and One-Sheet for Perros Muertos Shamble Online

More coming in from Koldo Serra's Dead Perros (aka Perros Muertos), and it's not just a couple of quick announcements or minor updates. We're talking eye candy and a trailer, folks! Just in time for lunch!

The Dead Perros Shamble in With an Update

We first told you about Dead Perros (aka Perros Muertos) way back in February, and after nearly a year of silence there's finally an update to be had, albeit a small one.

More Zombies Coming From Overseas - Perros Muertos

As far as we're concerned, you can never have too many zombies movies. Except of course for the really low-budget ones where the dead consist of nothing more than people in pale make-up who've been splashed with stage blood. Yeah, you can keep those, thanks.