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Killer Movie (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Paul Wesley, Leighton Meester, Kaley Cuoco, J.C. Chasez, Jason London Directed by Jeff Fisher Distributed by Peace Arch Home Entertainment

Killer Movie DVD Art and Specs

The smash slasher from last year's Tribeca Film Festival. Jeff Fisher's Killer Movie is set to hit home on February 3rd, from Peace Arch Entertainment, and we've got the goods on what you can expect from the DVD! Official Synopsis:

Exclusive: New Midnight Movie Poster

Jack Messit, the director of Midnight Movie which will be out on DVD come January 9th, 2009, did us a solid and sent over one of the three new promo posters for his monster flick.

Meth Bikers Vs. Travellers in Exit Speed

Just imagine the scenario; all you want to do is kick back on a nice, quiet bus ride across the vast, dull expanse of Texas, but a gang of meth-addicted bikers just will not let you get some shut eye. What would you do? Well, the ten strangers in Exit Speed don’t have to wait long to find out their reaction to this rather unique situation: They fight back. Trapped in the desert with nothing but crazy bikers surrounding me, I think I’d find a bit of tough guy in me, too.

*UPDATE* Midnight Movie Comes Home for the Holidays!

**UPDATE: We just heard that the release date has been changed to January 26th, 2009!**