Far Cry 3 Patch Arrives Just In Time

Far Cry 3 is now available for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Nothing is scarier in a game than trying to survive all of its bugs and glitches--or getting bored with it way too fast. Players can now download a new patch which contains the outposts reset, new difficulties, idle kick and much more.

Alien Spidy Swinging Its Way To Consoles and PC

Alien Spidy will release on March 20th for Xbox Live and PC. Players will follow along the adventures of an alien spider who has crash landed on Earth. It is up to you to find the parts to his scattered spaceship and help him return home.

Skulls Drop in New Warface Weapon Customization Trailer

Warface is set to release on PC in spring 2013; however, we have some skull-dropping action right now courtesy of a brand new trailer. Nothing gets the blood pumping quite like going into battle and ripping your enemies' skin right off their skulls!

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Creeping Onto Consoles and PC Next Week

Sniper: Ghost Warrior will release on March 12th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Gamers will have to take down their enemies through stealth and precision. Now is the time to prepare for the mission ahead with a brand-new trailer.

Grimoire Pack DLC Summons Great Horrors In Dungeonland

Dungeonland has received a brand new DLC pack entitled Grimoire for $2.99 for PC. The new content gives players five new spells, ability to summon fire or monsters, and much more. Also, check out some of the new character classes through spellbinding new videos!

Bound By Flame Burns Its Way To Consoles and PC In Late 2013

Bound By Flame has been announced for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 for late 2013. Gamers will enter a Dark Fantasy universe and take on the role of a possessed mercenary who can either embrace the demonic influence or fight it.

Suspenseful Trailer Arrives For Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect will arrive in 2014 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Players are challenged to solve one hell of a case--their very own murder!? Yeah, you heard correctly. Who better to do the job then the person who was killed. Now check out the brand new teaser video for your first set of clues.

Asylum Returns With a Vengeance

Two things have reanimated Asylum: the fact that Kickstarter has pushed the game's development to 2013 for PC and people are now enjoying point-and-click horror games like never before. Players can download an interactive teaser that will give them a taste of what is to come!

Transformers Universe Gets Award-Winning Composer James Hannigan

Fans can now register for the Transformer Universe beta on the official website, and composer James Hannigan is set to compose the original score for the massive multiplayer online game. If you can't wait to get started, then read on to check out all the details!

Murdered Soul: Suspect Coming To Consoles and PC

Square Enix has announced they will be releasing a new mystery title for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC entitled Murdered Soul: Suspect. Very little information has been revealed and no release date is set. Gamers are just advised that they will be on a quest to solve the hardest case of all!

New Horror Game Daylight Announced

Zombie Studios has unveiled a brand new horror game that will utilize the Unreal 4 engine. Players will be trapped in a creepy asylum where you must find your way out with each escape being unique. The title is set for a PC release in the second quarter of 2013 for around $20.

Obscure Gets Announced With Action-Packed New Video

Focus Home Entertainment has revealed that Obscure will be coming to PC, PSN, and Xbox Live drenched in blood and chaos this spring. Grab a friend and battle against hordes of monsters as you try to complete your objectives in one piece!

Dungeonland Now Available; Minions Needed!

Dungeonland is now available on PC for $9.99. The Dungeon Maestro gets his sick and twisted kicks from torturing players like you in his damp, creepy dungeon! Already sounds fun, huh? Who doesn't like a little S&M added into their games?

Become a Hero With Sins of a Dark Age

Ironclad Games has announced their next big title, Sins of a Dark Age. Players will enter into a unique MOBA that has them adventuring across realms and battling fierce monsters to complete their quests. Read on to learn what horrors await you around the next corner!