Paul Solet

Grace (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park, Gabrielle Rose, Samantha Ferris, Malcolm Stewart Directed by Paul Solet Distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment

Grace DVD and Blu-ray Details

Everyone's favorite baby with unusual eating habits is coming home on September 15th, and we've got the word on what you can expect from this little bundle of terror!

See Grace in New York and LA

Finally fans in two of the country's most happening cities are going to get their chance to see Grace the way it was meant to be seen ... up on the big screen and dripping with disturbing chunks of after-birth!

Grace Heads to Theatres

Finally some news we've been waiting for has come! Paul Solet's disturbing little film Grace will be getting a theatrical release. Proof positive that there is justice in this world! Variety reports that Anchor Bay will be releasing the film in both New York and LA on on August 14th. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a wider release soon! Synopsis

Motion Picture Purgatory: Grace

Grace is a film that we've covered extensively here at Dread Central with interviews, news updates, and reviews (check out the film's database here). But of course no coverage is complete without hearing from our resident curmudgeon, Rick Trembles.

Grace Coming to DVD and Blu In September

Good news out of the Anchor Bay driven Grace camp - the controversial little film that everyone has been screaming (and fainting) about will be hitting DVD and Blu-ray hi-def on September 15th with lots of bonus features to sift through upon delivery!

Grace Screening Highlight Reel

To add to our coverage of the Grace screening at USC, a highlight reel of the event showcasing a good deal of audience reaction has surfaced, and it is just begging to be seen!

Official Grace Trailer is Born

The official green-band trailer for Anchor Bay's release of the disturbing Paul Solet chiller Grace has seeped out of the old digital womb today, and we've got it for you, afterbirth and all.

Event Report: Grace Screening at USC

On Friday, June 12th, USC’s School of Cinematic Arts hosted Paul Solet’s startling debut feature film Grace (review here) for a packed house. In fact, there was not an empty seat in Norris Hall, and there were even people camped out on the floor throughout the screening.

Grace Red Band Trailer and Screening Reminder

Wanna see filmmaker Paul Solet’s Grace with cast and crew? Then you are in luck, as the USC School of Cinematic Arts and Anchor Bay Entertainment are hosting a special screening of the flick Friday, June 12th at 7:30 pm at the University of Southern California (900 W. 34th Street, Norris Cinema Theatre/Frank Sinatra Hall).

Free Grace Screening June 12th!

For everyone clamoring to see Paul Solet's award-winning feature debut, Grace, but who were unable to catch it on the festival circuit, word has come that there will be a special free open-to-the-public screening!

First Stills: The Hills Run Red

It's amazing how one thing can quickly morph into another. While prepping a story about the Midnight Adrenaline entries of the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, I happened upon not one, but two stills from Dave Parker's The Hills Run Red (first impressions)!

Exclusive: Paul Solet Talks BSH

Earlier today we told you about Grace (review) director Paul Solet's latest film BSH. Here we are just a few hours later, and we've heard from the man himself!

Paul Solet Thrown to the Dogs in BSH

Hot on the heels of the success of his disturbing debut feature Grace (review), director Paul Solet is wasting no time in getting his next film cooking.

Fango Weekend of Horrors Highlights

While an official event report is coming soon along with a photo gallery depicting the lunacy, we thought we'd bring you some quick and dirty details about three of the event's darkest offerings! What has Dread Central excited? Get ready for an earful!