Paul Solet

It's Going to Be a Dark Summer for Stella Maeve

Grace director Paul Solet had found his leading lady for his upcoming film, Dark Summer, and we're happy to report that it will be The Runwaways and Manson Girls star Stella Maeve. Read on for more about the project which was announced at Cannes.

Cannes Sales Art Appears for Paul Solet's Dark Summer

It was just yesterday that we told you about Grace director Paul Solet's new project Dark Summer and just like that we have dug our claws into the official Cannes sales artwork. Check it out!

Paul Solet to Have a Very Dark Summer

We've been waiting patiently for director Paul Solet to deliver another scare fest, and it looks like the waiting game is about to pay off in spades with his newly announced flick Dark Summer! Read on for details.

Marc Senter Talks the BlackBoxTV Short Film Going Down

We caught up with actor and producer Marc Senter over the weekend to chat with him regarding his role in Grace director Paul Solet’s BlackBoxTV short Going Down as well as his growing musical inclinations and more. Read on!

Watch Going Down, A New Dastardly Short on Blackbox TV

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Like, what's more off-putting than an elevator ride? It's claustrophobic; you're trapped in a tiny box with strange people. Any number of bad things can happen. And that's the premise behind a dastardly short entitled Going Down.

Dark Imagery and Horror to Be Included in Dirty Lights Photo Exhibition in Hollywood

There will definitely be a spooky and horrific feel to many of the works in the Dirty Lights group photo exhibit, which is being held at Swing House Studios, 7175 Willoughby Avenue, Los Angeles, California, on September 8th.

Exclusive First Words on The Faces from Director Paul Solet

When word broke last week that Grace director Paul Solet has a new film called The Faces in the works, we knew we had to get in touch with the man himself to get you guys the skinny. We're sick like that, dude. Solet is decidedly secretive about the projects he has in development, but believe us he has been a very busy boy. Industry buzz has placed him collaborating with the likes of Darren Aronofsky, Peter Berg, and Michael Douglas, to name a few, but before we get ahead of ourselves ...

FilmNation Picks Paul Solet to Helm The Faces

Ever since Paul Solet's Grace burst on the horror scene, we've been anxious to see what the promising young director would do next. Finally that answer has come thanks to FilmNational Entertainment.

Indie Horror Month: Paul Solet's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

I was first introduced to writer/director Paul Solet through another indie genre director, Adam Green, who was serving as producer on Solet’s feature film debut, Grace, which premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in 2009.

Exclusive Artwork: Tales from Beyond the Pale - Paul Solet's The Conformation

If you're a fan of old school radio horror like The Weird Circle, Lights Out!, Sleep No More, The Hermit's Cave, there's a new treasure trove of horrific stories being told by some of today's best filmmakers and actors called Tales from Beyond the Pale that is just waiting to keep you up at night!

2nd Annual Carnival of Darkness Film Fest Coming October 28th

Don't fill up your Halloween dance card just yet. Filmmaker Alex Bram is presenting some of the most promising new voices in horror at the second annual Carnival of Darkness Film Festival. Filled with haunting and disturbing short films from across the world, the fest takes place at LA Film School on Thursday, October 28th.

Paul Solet Talks Horror Acting

One of the things we love so much about the Internet is that it enables people to have a voice all their own. One that can be shared throughout an entire community ... especially if said community is the horror one, which out here in Cali is a lot smaller of a circle than you'd think.

Happy Halloween from ArieScope Pictures: The Jack Chop

Holy shit! Those are the only words that came to mind while watching the latest Halloween themed short from Adam Green and ArieScope Pictures. Starring Paul Solet (Grace), Jack Chop is an infomercial that would have Vince (you're gonna love his nuts) from "Slap Chop" pissing in his pants! Watch and enjoy!

Watch the Grace Short Film Right Now with Commentary

One of the only complaints we had with the latest DVD and Blu-ray release of Grace (review here) was that the original six-minute short film that started it all was nowhere to be found in either package (unless of course you went and got the Best Buy exclusive). Talk about a glaring omission. Thankfully the horror community is small yet strong, and we know how to right some wrongs!

In LA? Get a Copy of Grace Signed TODAY!

In LA and need to get your hands on a copy of Grace (review here) on Blu-ray or DVD? Better yet ... need to get one and have it signed? Once again Dark Delicacies is the place to be!