Paul Rae

Intense First TV Spot for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Not a day passes that we do not hope and pray that the next entry into the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise, Texas Chainsaw 3D, ends up delivering the bloody goods. That being said... yeah, we dig the first TV spot a lot!

New Texas Chainsaw Viral Images Get You Ready for the Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Who's ready for round two of some good old fashioned Thanksgiving face-stuffing? I know we all are, and here are some new viral images from Texas Chainsaw 3D to kick-start your hunger for blood!

First Texas Chainsaw 3D Clip Revs Up

We've seen the trailer, the posters, and even a few stills here and there, but finally the first clip from Texas Chainsaw 3D has arrived, and to see Leatherface running with his power tool of choice has us grinning.

Two Admirable New Stills from Texas Chainsaw 3D

Men love power tools. Women love pectoral muscles. Both are in abundance in these latest two stills from Texas Chainsaw 3D. Admire them right here right now and then hope that Leatherface has the right saw on tap to cut into Trey Songz's beefy chest cavity!

Go Behind the Scenes of Texas Chainsaw 3D

The cast and crew of Lionsgate’s Texas Chainsaw 3D recently sat down with MTV to offer fans some insight as to what horrors this legend of a horror icon has in store for viewers when it saws its way through theatres this January!

Leatherface Is in YOUR Face in New Texas Chainsaw 3D Motion Poster

The other day we showed you a new Texas Chainsaw 3D poster for a few brief hours before being asked to take it down by the powers-that-be. But now we know why they asked - it's actually a motion poster, and now all the bells and whistles are in place!

New Texas Chainsaw 3D Poster Revs up for Action

DC reader Salva Gonzalez directed us to the third one-sheet for Texas Chainsaw 3D, and not only does it feature a really good look at the new Leatherface, it could very well be our favorite one yet! Check it out!

A Vantastic New Still from Texas Chainsaw 3D

Given the vast amount of cool stuff we've seen thus far from the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D, we don't mind some of the tamer stuff that comes our way. Cast in point: the following new still.

Exclusive: Director John Luessenhop on Leatherface's Legacy and More for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Faced with the daunting task of rebooting an entire franchise and following directly in the footsteps of Master of Horror Tobe Hooper is director John Luessenhop, who found himself at the helm of Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Exclusive: Alexandra Daddario Talks Texas Chainsaw 3D and More

Even though we missed her during our set visit for Texas Chainsaw 3D in Shreveport, Dread Central did recently have the opportunity to speak with the newest heroine of the Chainsaw franchise- Alexandra Daddario.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Set Visit Report and New Images

On a stifling and sticky August morning in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dread Central arrived on the set of Texas Chainsaw 3D to be greeted by an exact replica of the Sawyer House located in the middle of a dried up and desolate field in an abandoned area of a local Army base that felt appropriately untouched by time.

Leatherface Front and Center on NYCC Texas Chainsaw 3D One-Sheet

You can expect much from this year's New York Comic Con, which seems to be growing at an alarming pace, and next out of the gate for the big East Coast dance is an exclusive poster for Texas Chainsaw 3D. Check it out here courtesy of FEARnet.

Original TCM Footage Converted to 3D for Texas Chainsaw 3D

Website 3D Focus caught up with Markus Lanxinger, the Lead Stereoscopic Engineer on Lionsgate’s forthcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D, and the man revealed more than just a little regarding what to expect from the new flick!

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Best Look at Leatherface Yet!

Any Chainsaw fan worth their salt knows two things... One, the saw is family and two, it's all about the mask and performance of the actor playing Leatherface. While the jury is still out performance wise, we were able to get you the two best looks at the character in action yet!

Watch the Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer NOW!

As promised earlier this week, the official trailer for Texas Chainsaw 3D has arrived, and of course we have it right here for your viewing pleasure... if you take pleasure from such things!