Patrick Rea

Dread Central Presents: Time's Up, Eve!

Just in time to help put everyone in the Halloween spirit, Dread Central is pleased to present the online debut of Patrick Rea's latest short film, Time's Up, Eve!, which is set in the 1940s and follows a woman pursued through the city who must elude shadowy figures that have claimed the souls of her friends and loved ones.

Action on Film Festival Heading to Burbank This July

The Action on Film (AOF) International Film Festival is heading back to Pasadena, California, this July 22-30, and one of Dread Central's favorite indie filmmakers, SenoReality's Patrick Rea, will be participating in a big way.

SenoReality Update: Principal Photography Begins on New Short Rhino, Nailbiter Post-Production Continues

We heard from indie filmmaker Patrick Rea today with updates on two of his projects that we've been following: the upcoming short film "Rhino" and Rea's second feature film Nailbiter. He also included a few new stills from Nailbiter.

SenoReality Pictures Wraps New Short Titled Hell Week, Prepping Future Projects

Indie director/producer Patrick Rea dropped us a line to let us know that his Kansas-based SenoReality Pictures recently wrapped production on "Hell Week", yet another new short film from the prolific Rea and his team, and they are already looking forward to the next, a drama/thriller titled "Rhino".

Third Teaser Trailer Debuts for Patrick Rea's Nailbiter

Post production is moving along nicely for Patrick Rea's upcoming sophomore feature, Nailbiter, as evidenced by the third teaser trailer to be released for the film. Nailbiter tells the story of a mother and three daughters who get caught in a Kansas tornado and are forced to take shelter in a storm cellar. They become trapped and discover they are not alone.

New Stills from Patrick Rea's Nailbiter and Updates on Upcoming Projects

We're always happy to hear from Patrick Rea, a truly inspirational indie filmmaker who never has fewer than four or five irons in the fire at any one time, and today is no exception. Not only did Patrick provide us with an update and new stills from his sophomore feature, Nailbiter, but he also shared news about two other upcoming projects he's currently working on.

It's a Wrap for Patrick Rea's Nailbiter; New Still Released

Director Patrick Rea dropped us a line with an update on his upcoming sophomore feature, Nailbiter, and also provided us with a new still to celebrate the news that he has officially completed principal photography on the film in the Kansas City area.

An Update from SenoReality's Patrick Rea

One stumbling block that a lot of indie filmmakers hit is trying to stretch what should be left as a short into a feature-length film. Fortunately, there's a writer/director out there who understands that longer doesn't always mean better: Kansas-based Patrick Rea. And apparently we're not the only people who feel that way about Patrick as his cup runneth over with numerous film festivals clamoring to show his wares ... and also rewarding him for his efforts!

Dread Central Presents: Get Off My Porch!

We're pleased to present the latest short film from writer/director Patrick Rea entitled "Get Off My Porch", which was shot in Patrick's stomping grounds of Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas.

SenoReality Wraps a New Short Film - Time's Up, Eve

SenoReality Pictures, in association with Free State Studios, has just wrapped production on a new short film entitled "Time's Up, Eve", a supernatural thriller set in the 1940's starring Sharon Wright and Ari Bavel.

DC Presents: Indie Horror Filmmakers to Watch: Patrick Rea - Nailbiter

When most students finish film school, they immediately set their sights on moving to Hollywood to start making movies. For director Patrick Rea, as well as the entire group behind SenoReality Pictures, it wasn't a hard choice for them to take on the industry straight from the heart of the Midwest.

Let the Dark Matter DVD Club Awaken Your Imagination

Indie filmmaker Patrick Rea contacted Dread Central recently to let us know about Dark Matter, a new concept in monthly DVD clubs that focuses on a mixture of suspense, science fiction, and fantasy stories, often concluding with a thought-provoking, chilling, or unexpected turn of events.

A Quartet of New Stills from Nailbiter

Director Patrick Rea dropped us a line with an update on his upcoming sophomore feature, Nailbiter, and laid four new stills on us as well.

SenoReality Announces a New Short Film, Get Off My Porch, and Sends New Nailbiter Photos

SenoReality Pictures, in association with Free State Studios, has just wrapped production on a new short film entitled "Get Off My Porch". "Get Off My Porch" is a horror comedy about a man terrorized by Girl Scouts insisting that he buy a box of cookies. You WILL get some Thin Mints or else!

Second Teaser Trailer for Patrick Rea's Nailbiter

We've been waiting with bated breath, and yes, bitten nails, for further news about Patrick Rea's second feature film, Nailbiter, and our patience paid off today when Rea sent over the flick's second teaser trailer. From the looks of things, a storm is coming indeed!