Patricia Velasquez

Marvel at the Almighty Thor Trailer

Thor has an uzi! Kevin Nash is Odin! Richard Grieco unleashes his own private Dragon Wars on Los Angeles! Did I mention Thor shooting an uzi? The gods command you to watch the marvelous trailer for The Asylum’s Almighty Thor right now!

Character Images from Almighty Thor! Kevin Nash as Odin!

Last week I brought you word of The Asylum's marvelous mockbuster Almighty Thor that you may or may not have missed as it was on a day when there was a mad crush of movie news. Now The Asylum has posted the first pics from the set, and it's quite apparent we are in for something truly special one way or another.

The Asylum's Almighty Thor Hammers Kevin Nash, Richard Grieco, and a Top Model

Marvel's Thor may have Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins as Odin, but could Hopkins powerbomb a guy through a table like pro wrestler "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash, who will be playing the ruler of Asgard in The Asylum's mockbuster Almighty Thor? Advantage: The Asylum.