Getting to Know the International Trailer for ParaNorman

Time for another look at the new animated horror flick ParaNorman, which seems to be shaping up to be quite the entry-level experience for young and budding horror fans. Dig it!

A New Trailer for ParaNorman Brings Some Kid Friendly Frights

Listen up, parental units! All budding horror fans need a place to cut their teeth and smile through severely bloody gums much to their own amusement. The new animated horror flick ParaNorman is looking like a good place to start!

Crotchety New One-Sheet for ParaNorman

A new international one-sheet for the upcoming sliver of animated horror known as ParaNorman has hit the interwebs that offers a unique perspective on the fun-filled terrors to come. Dig it!

Haunting New Trailer for ParaNorman

Ready for some spooky fun to kick off your work week? This second trailer for the next animated feature from Focus Features, ParaNorman, should definitely fit the bill. Round up the kids and check it out!

ParaNorman Theatrical Trailer Debut

Here to help brighten your Friday afternoon is the official theatrical trailer debut for the latest family friendly animated spooker from Focus Features, ParaNorman. Round up the kids, and check it out!

ParaNorman Shows Signs of Early Activity

The latest family friendly animated spooker from Focus Features, ParaNorman, has scared up some early artwork, and we've got every scary pixel of it right here for your perusal. Check it out!

ParaNorman Gets Tuned Up While the Cast Gets Spookier

Here at Dread Central we LOVE zombies of all kinds ... even animated! Speaking of which, the latest sliver of stylized undead chicanery, ParaNorman, has pulled in a Sient Hill star and a composer to get those bones rattling! From the Press Release

3D Animated Zombies Shamble our Way in ParaNorman

Kids need horror too. You've gotta raise the young ones right, you know. Personally we recommend repeated viewings of Mad Monster Party and then - boom - right into Martyrs. But for those of you not willing to subscribe to such a regiment, there's an alternative coming your way!

Selick Talks Zombie Comedy Paranorman

While out promoting Coraline, another upcoming 3D adventure I can’t wait for my eyeballs to digest, director Henry Selick talked to the JoBlo boys about another project he’s producing that’s of special interest to horror fans: a zombie comedy called Paranorman.

Coraline and the Future of Laika

Who knew that a guy who built his fortune selling overpriced shoes to kids who could never truly feel accepted unless they had them was also a big geek? Phil Knight, the king of the Nike empire, took over Will Vinton Studios, most known for the California Raisins, and turned it into Laika a few years back, employing his son Travis as one of the lead animators.