Paranormal Activity

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part One: Oren Peli Talks the Ups and Downs of Making Paranormal Activity and More!

In 2006 former video game programmer Oren Peli embarked on an ambitious career change: Inspired by the 1999 found footage flick The Blair Witch Project, Peli cast up-and-coming actors Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat for his own found footage fear fest - Paranormal Activity.

Inside Horror: Episode 4 - Oren Peli Talks The River and of Course ... The Paranormal Activity Franchise

Inside Horror is back, and in the hot seat this week is none other than Oren Peli, creator of ABC's "The River" and the Paranormal Activity franchise! Get ready to go bump in the night with hosts Elric Kane, Staci Layne Wilson, and of course Jenna Busch with our headlines!

Paranormal Activity 3: The Extended Cut - Never-Before-Seen Clips

It started with a mysterious knock on the door of the Dread Central offices early this morning. We ran to the door, but no one was there. Just a box. An unmarked box. Thinking it was our vintage 70's porn collection that we recently won on eBay, we let it sit for a bit. Upon opening it, however, we weren't greeted with any delightfully unkempt naughty bits. Instead there was a tea set and a little note ...

Dread Central Raises its Pinky High for Some Demonic Tea with the Cast and Crew from the Paranormal Activity Films

On a bright and sunny Friday the 13th, Dread Central was invited alongside several other journalists to have "Tea with Toby"- the demon behind all the terrifying shenanigans in the Paranormal Activity series- as well as a few of his co-stars and the mastermind behind it all, writer/director/producer Oren Peli.

Relive the Horror Like Never Before with Paranormal Activity: The Chronology! Check Out the Trailer!

You've seen them all separately, but now is your chance to experience all three films in the blockbuster Paranormal Activity franchise cut together in chronological order. Do you have the nerves to sit through Paranormal Activity: The Chronology?

First Review: Paranormal Activity 3 Unrated Extended Cut

The wait is nearly over. Pretty soon you'll be able to sink your teeth into the unrated and extended cut of Paranormal Activity 3, and we have the first look at what's new and spooky right here waiting for you.

Paranormal Activity 3 (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Katie Featherston, Sprague Grayden, Christopher Nicholas Smith, Lauren Bittner, Chloe Cse

Ready for Some Supernatural Activity?

Along with countless copycat films, Paranormal Activity has also spawned its fair share of spoofs. That being said, there's another on its way that's looking to hit the found footage sub-genre directly in the funny bone!

Paranormal Activity 3 - Exclusive Unrated Clip

It's almost time, kids! We're just weeks away from the extended cut of Paranormal Activity 3 hitting Blu-ray and DVD, and the big question on everyone's mind is: What's going to be different? Anyone familiar with last October's ad campaign knows that there was footage in the TV spots and trailers that did not make it into the theatrical cut so guess what? We're ready to lift the veil on which excised bit of footage is definitely included in the new unrated version!

Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman Back for Paranormal Activity 4?

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on only giving you rock solid news on the Paranormal Activity franchise as rumors and other silly things have a strange habit of popping up around it. That being said, in terms of the director(s) for Paranormal Activity 4...

Make a Date with Paranormal Activity 4

Earlier in the week we found out that the fourth entry into the Paranormal Activity franchise is indeed a go, and now? Well now, dearest reader, we have a release date for your horror-hungry soul.

Paramount Makes Paranormal Activity 4 Official!

Well then. No one saw this one coming, right? Paramount announced today that the studio garnered $5.17 billion in worldwide sales in 2011, making it the most profitable studio of last year. The news came via a press release, which, if you checked it out thoroughly, contained the first official confirmation of the film horror fans have been waiting to hear.

Updated with Artwork: Official Paranormal Activity 3 Home Video Details

When it comes to news regarding the Paranormal Activity franchise, you know that you can ALWAYS count on us to get you the straight dope completely nonsense free. No speculation or wild rumors here ... just the facts. Case in point: We now have the official word on what to expect when Paranormal Activity 3 hits home on January 24th.

Kick Off 2012 with a Scream as Paranormal Activity 3 Hits DVD and Blu-ray!

The third entry into the Paranormal Activity franchise, Paranormal Activity 3, is coming on home to Blu-ray and DVD soon, and we've got a look at the goods for you. Check it out!

Paranormal Activity 3 Celebrating Halloween with Bloody Mary Monday!

In theatres right now there is no greater Halloween treat than Paranormal Activity 3. If you're in the market for some big screen scares, this is your ticket. And in select theatres you'll be getting a whole lot more than just that!