Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity 4 - New Viral Teaser Spooks Cell Phones

If you were one of the folks who signed up to get Paranormal Activity 4 news via text message, then you know that Paramount is able to fit a whole lot of scary into just a few seconds. Didn't sign up? No worries. We have your hook-up!

Bring Back Paranormal Activity 4 to its Hometown of San Diego

San Diego has a lot more to root for than the Padres and the Chargers. It's also got its own horror movie mega-franchise in Paranormal Activity. Since it's Dread Central's hometown, too, we're taking steps to make sure we get a Want It screening!

Want to See Paranormal Activity 4 First? Let Them Know Via Text Message and Get Exclusive Content!

Paramount is making the chance to see Paranormal Activity 4 first in your city even easier. As if the Facebook app and web vote on the official sites weren't easy enough, now you can just shoot the powers-that-be a quick text! But wait! It gets even better!

Paranormal Activity 4 Official Trailer and New Teaser That Asks What Really Happened?

The full official trailer for Paranormal Activity premiered this morning along with another teaser that asks "What Really Happened?" Check both of them out right here, right now!

Exclusive: Paranormal Activity 4 Poster Premiere

All right, Dread heads! You were promised something special, and here it is... For the first time anywhere, get ready to check out the official one-sheet for Paranormal Activity 4. Look for the trailer in just a few hours! Enough talk! Dig it!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight (PT)!

Paranormal Activity fans, we have an interesting dissection of the 666 teaser trilogy for you! Blinked and missed something? NO WORRIES! You're covered! Not to mention tonight at 12:00 midnight PT we'll have an official Paranormal Activity 4 surprise waiting for you!

Third Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4 - Our 666 Prediction Comes True!

The first came at 6:00 am Monday morning. The second today at 6:00 am. Now the third trailer teaser has arrived - as we predicted - at 6:00 pm. 666. A trilogy of teasing terrors. Dig on the third trailer teaser for Paranormal Activity 4!

Second Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4

Okay, something is definitely going on here. Yesterday at 6:00 am Paramount released the first trailer teaser for Paranormal Activity 4. Today at 6:00 am they posted this second one. Could a third be on the way the next time that the clock strikes 6:00? 6:66 maybe? We shall see!

Check out the Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser!

August 1st. That's the day when you'll see the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4. How do we know? Because Paramount just released an all too brief teaser for the trailer, and we have that for you right here.

Official Paranormal Activity 4 Title Treatment

Paramount has unveiled the title treatment for Paranormal Activity 4, and yes, it pretty much looks exactly how we expected it to. But hey, it is official, and when it comes to official information on the Paranormal Activity franchise, you needn't look much further than right here!

Cedric the Entertainer and Marlon Wayans to Spoof Paranormal Activity with New Found Footage Flick

Just because they're about three years too late isn't stopping funnyman Marlon Wayans from adding his stamp onto the Paranormal Activity phenomenon as he and Cedric the Entertainer are back with a new flick!

First Possible Casting News for Paranormal Activity 4

Some more news has come in for Paranormal Activity 4, and now that we're getting closer to October, we could be seeing a lot of it! Read on for the latest on who will be there sending shivers down your spine next.

Editorial: An Apologist's Rant: In Defense of Found Footage

In the four-plus years that I have been reviewing films, I've gained a reputation among my friends and fellow critics as someone with strong - and often negative - opinions of horror movies. My opinions about horror are often met with disdain, as the majority of my reviews within the genre tend to lean toward the negative.

O Dios Mio! Paranormal Activity Getting a Latino Cousin!

Some really interesting news coming out of Paramount to kick off your Easter weekend. Not only is the Paranormal Activity crew working on the fourth entry into the franchise, but there's a Latino-flavored offshoot in the works as well.

Indie Horror Month Video Interview Part Two: Oren Peli Discusses Sequels, Life Changes, Sticking to Your Guns and More for Paranormal Activity

In Part One of our video interview series with Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli, we chatted about the challenges of making a micro-budget indie horror movie and how he knew from the moment original co-stars Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat met that he had something quite special.