Paranormal Activity

Spooky Sex Caught on Tape in Paranormal Whacktivity

How many times has this happened to you... you're chilling out with your guy or gal getting ready to do the deed when all of a sudden something happens that kills the mood and well... everything else. Yep, getting cock-blocked by the dead sure can suck.

Watch a Never-Before-Seen Scene from Paranormal Activity 4

The day is here. Paranormal Activity 4 (Blu-ray review here) has hit home video, and to celebrate its arrival, Paramount has released a scene from "The Recovered Files" portion of the Blu-ray along with a new trailer. You can check them both out right here.

Exclusive: Katie Featherston talks Paranormal Activity 4, Sequels and More!

On Tuesday, January 29th, Paranormal Activity 4 will arrive everywhere on DVD and Blu-ray to bring all the spooky right into your very own living rooms; and to mark the occasion, Dread Central recently caught up with one of the stars who has been with the franchise since the very beginning.

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Paranormal Activity 4 Prize Package

In honor of the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 4, we have your chance to win a giant sized prize package filled with everything you need to keep Toby and Katie at bay!

Join the Paranormal Activity 4 Twitter Viewing Party!

We are about two weeks away from the DVD and Blu-ray release of Paranormal Activity 4, but for you hardcore fans that just cannot wait, you can download the flick early and participate in a live Twitter viewing party!

A Haunted House - Read the Review; Final Two Gag Posters

In theatres right now is the horror spoof A Haunted House, and we have our verdict along with the final two gag one-sheets for the flick. Check out all the goodies right here, right now. Dig it!

Haunted House, A (2013)

Starring Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins, David Koechner, Nick Swardson, Cedric the Entertainer Directed by Michael Tiddes

Win Yourself Some Swag in A Haunted House

With the opening of A Haunted House this weekend, we've decided that now would be the perfect time to give you cats the opportunity to win yourselves some free stuff to celebrate the flick's arrival. Read on for details.

Exclusive Video Interview: Dread Central Chats with the Stars of A Haunted House

On Friday, January 11th, Open Road Films' spoof flick A Haunted House, which does its own humorous send-up of many of the recent found footage projects like Paranormal Activity, The Devil Inside and more, arrives in theaters nationwide.

Ghost Gets the Ectoplasm Kicked Out of Him in New Clip From A Haunted House

There's a real lack of human on ghost violence in movies today, but thankfully a new clip from the upcoming Wayans comedy A Haunted House fixes that. Check it out!

Find Five Found Footage Clips in A Haunted House

Five, count 'em, five new clips from the upcoming Wayans comedy A Haunted House have arrived special delivery from a freaky demon chick, and we've got every last one of them right here for you. Check 'em out!

Start Caroling Outside of A Haunted House

Christmas carolers can be as annoying as a Mariachi band blowing their horns in your face at a Mexican restaurant while you're trying in vain to enjoy your high calorie stomach buster. Still, there's no reason not to sing along with the following holiday spot!

Get Cornered by the New One-Sheet for A Haunted House

Another parody one-sheet for A Haunted House has crawled online... then up the wall... then roosted in the upper corner of the room. Check this one out and pray it will be your last. As if. Dig it!

Exclusive: There's Something Sinister Inside A Haunted House

We're loving these parody posters for the Wayanses' A Haunted House, and each one seems funnier than the next. Time for some exclusive artwork for you cats to chew on. Behold the latest sliver of eye candy right now.