Paranormal Activity

Chris Landon Returning to Write Paranormal Activity 3

There's no question about it the sequel to Paranormal Activity just shouldn't have worked. Yet, it did. Lightning struck twice and Paranormal Activity 2 went on to become a huge success. A bit of news has surfaced today concerning the third film in the franchise and as always we have it for you here.

More Paranormal Activity 3 Rumors Hit the Interwebs! A Debunking We Will Go!

There's no question that Paranormal Activity 3 is a sequel just about every horror fan and media website are keeping a close eye on. As a result of the fervor these films have a habit of causing in the dusty old rumor mill, we're here to give it to you straight and only report on what's true.

Close to a Dozen Stills from Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

We've been on the fence about Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, and the new batch of stills that has been released for the film doesn't tell us a whole lot, which makes us all the more anxious to hear some reviews from our UK friends when the sequel lands onto DVD on March 7th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. We're counting on you Brits!

Find a Sanctuary for Paranormal Activity on Your iPhone

Games that utilize augmented reality just may be the next step in the interactive experience horror gamers have been waiting for, and what better way to utilize this than by hunting ghosts in and around your own neighborhood? From the Press Release

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Copy of Paranormal Activity 2 on Blu-ray

With next week's release of Paranormal Activity 2, we're sure that thousands of fans will be at stores on day one to secure their copy. The risk of it selling out is pretty high, so we figured that we may as well ensure that at least a few of you get it on Blu-ray from us!

Get Haunted by Five Clips from Paranormal Activity 2

In just a few more days Paranormal Activity 2 will be hitting home video, and to prime you for the horrors to come, we have five clips from the movie for you! Be warned, though ... MAJOR SPOILERS abound. If you haven't already seen the movie, we recommend that you DO NOT WATCH the clips below. If you have seen it and wanna relive some of the spookery, enjoy!

Paranormal Activity 2 - Track Spirits on Facebook

Spend a lot of time on Facebook? Like haunting your friends? Well, how about you put that time to good use by tracking some spirits and winning some prizes? Sound good? You know it does!

Exclusive Paranormal Activity 2 Interviews: Molly Ephraim and VIVIS

In anticipation of the home video release of Paranormal Activity 2 (Blu-ray / DVD review here), we nailed down two exclusive interviews for you fans of things that go bump in the night!

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night Bumps onto Home Video in the UK

We just don't know about this one. Can two bedrooms equal twice the fear as promised by the box art? Our friends in the UK will be finding out soon enough as Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, a direct sequel to Oren Peli's record setting terror tale, lands onto DVD on March 7th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment. From the Press Release

So Who is Handling Writing Duties for Paranormal Activity 3?

The pinnacle of Internet truth and reliability, the IMDB, is reporting that Christopher Landon will be returning to the Paranormal Activity franchise to write the series' third entry. Of course we decided to dig a bit to get to the heart of the matter.

Peli, Oren; Featherston, Katie; Sloat, Micah (Paranormal Activity 2)

On Wednesday, October 20th, Dread Central was on the scene at the Arclight in Hollywood for the premiere of Paranormal Activity 2 at midnight, and while there we got to speak with stars Katie Featherston and Micah Sloat as well as creator/director/producer Oren Peli, and as you'll see, hilarity ensued.

EXCLUSIVE Breaking News - Paranormal Activity 3 on Its Way!!!

Updated May 4, 2011: Click for news on Paranormal Activity 3 writers

One-Sheet Debut - Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

Holy shit! Believe your eyes, people! It's a news story that doesn't have ANYTHING to do with AFM! Amazing, right? The official Japanese one-sheet for the first international Paranormal Activity sequel, dubbed Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, is here for you to dig on!

Paranormal Activity 2 - More Viral Terror on Website

You didn't think the fine folks behind Paranormal Activity 2 would let Halloween weekend slide by without doling out some new shivers, did you?