Paranormal Activity 4

French Moviegoers Make Wee-Wee During Paranormal Activity 4; Sinister Theatrical Release Pulled

We'll never understand how or why people react to things the way that they do. Take public bathrooms for instance. What is it about them that causes folks to forget everything they've been taught as a child about proper potty training? Now, let's take some French moviegoers as another example....

Halloween Box Office: Hotel Transylvania Tops, Paranormal Activity Drops, Silent Hill Flops

As the 2012 Halloween movie season draws to a close the big box office winner is… Hotel Transylvania? Yep! This Halloween belonged to the kiddies. It sure didn’t belong to Silent Hill: Revelation or Paranormal Activity 4.

Paranormal Activity - The Degloshis Face the Wrath of Mom

The ongoing tie-in Paranormal Activity viral series continues, this time with the most horrid thing Jacob has ever encountered... the truly evil witch known as... The Ex-Wife! *insert dramatic musical stinger here*

Paranormal Activity 4 Goes Awry in England; Things Heat Up for the Degloshis

It's Friday, and we have a good mixture of funny and spooky Paranormal Activity 4 related hijinx to turn you cats on to! Get ready for tales of children's programming gone awry and more from Jacob Degloshi and his daughter, Sarah.

Paranormal Activity - Cameras Rolling; More Footage Discovered

After going through some seriously creepy stuff, cameras are now up and running throughout the Degloshi household. Read on for the latest on what's cooking and another look at the contents of that VHS tape.

Paranormal Activity - More Things Going Bump in the Night for the Degloshis

More developments are cooking in the Degloshi household as Jacob and his daughter, Sarah, are officially getting worked over by whatever it is that's lurking in the darkness. Check out the new videos and more below.

Paranormal Activity 4 - Chat with Alex on Google Chrome; More from Jacob Degloshi

Okay, Paranormal Activity fans! Two new interesting tidbits are going on in the demonic world of Toby, and we have the latest on both for you right here, free of things going bump in the night and unwanted levitation!

Paranormal Activity Unhinged on Facebook and YouTube

Things are really cooking in the life of Jacob Degloshi and his daughter, Sarah. The activity has officially begun for these two. The question is... where will it all lead? Read on for the very latest, and look for more soon!

Paranormal Activity - More from Jacob Degloshi and His Connection to the Franchise

Things have taken a turn for the disturbing for Jacob Degloshi and his just turned 14-year-old daughter, Sarah, and we've got the skinny right here that's home to all manner of weirdness in the form of a VHS tape found in Sarah's luggage.

Paranormal Not Scaring Up as Much Box Office Activity as It Used To

Paranormal Activity 4, to no one’s surprise, ruled the box office this weekend. What might be somewhat surprising is how much less money it opened to compared to previous installments.

Paranormal Activity 5 a Go and More on Upcoming Latino-Themed Spin-Off

Well, that didn't take long at all. As expected, there will be a fifth installment in the Paranormal Activity franchise coming next October so here's hoping the powers-that-be can correct some of the problems present in the now playing Paranormal Activity 4.

New Clip from Paranormal Activity 4 Creeps Up Behind You

Paranormal Activity 4 is already killing it at the box office and is on track for a $17 million Friday, which includes Thursday's late night haul of $4.5 million. It's unlikely to match the $52 million opening weekend of Paranormal Activity 3, but you never know...

Jacob Degloshi Paranormal Activity 4 Connection Confirmed

For the past couple of days we've been speculating whether or not this whole Jacob Degloshi thing has anything to do with the storyline and family in Paranormal Activity 4. Consider the connection officially made.

The Paranormal Activity Happening on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Continues

We've been following the exploits of Jacob Degloshi and his just turned 14-year-old daughter, Sarah, for a couple of days now here on Dread Central, and the possible connection of this family to Alex's family in Paranormal Activity 4 is getting a bit more interesting.

More Paranormal Activity Happening on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter

Following up on yesterday's story about Paranormal Activity invading social networks, we figured that we ought to check in with Jacob and his daughter to see if there have been any new developments. Guess what?