Paranormal Activity 3

More Paranormal Activity 3 Rumors Hit the Interwebs! A Debunking We Will Go!

There's no question that Paranormal Activity 3 is a sequel just about every horror fan and media website are keeping a close eye on. As a result of the fervor these films have a habit of causing in the dusty old rumor mill, we're here to give it to you straight and only report on what's true.

So Who is Handling Writing Duties for Paranormal Activity 3?

The pinnacle of Internet truth and reliability, the IMDB, is reporting that Christopher Landon will be returning to the Paranormal Activity franchise to write the series' third entry. Of course we decided to dig a bit to get to the heart of the matter.

EXCLUSIVE Breaking News - Paranormal Activity 3 on Its Way!!!

Updated May 4, 2011: Click for news on Paranormal Activity 3 writers