New Trailer Comes in Fun Size

The trailer for Paramount's Halloween-themed trick or treat Fun Size is here, and though it's pretty damned light on the spooky, we just cannot resist talking about anything that happens during our favorite time of the year!

First Possible Casting News for Paranormal Activity 4

Some more news has come in for Paranormal Activity 4, and now that we're getting closer to October, we could be seeing a lot of it! Read on for the latest on who will be there sending shivers down your spine next.

Paramount and Shawn Levy Have Monster Problems

Rarely do films that will be in "the vein of" this or that catch our eye because we prefer original content over something that can be compared to something else. Unfortunately those types of flicks come once in a lifetime so we take what we can get.

Joe Cornish Heads to Snow Crash for Paramount

After the glory of Attack the Block, there is no film director Joe Cornish can make that will not get our attention. Given the fact that the latest film opus he's about to tackle, Snow Crash, involves some good old fashioned brain frying material, well that's just a bonus!

UPDATED: Join The Loved Ones' Xavier Samuel in a Live Twitter Q&A on June 15th

The theatrical run of The Loved Ones via Paramount/Tugg continues, and to generate a bit more buzz around the film, on this Friday, June 15th, beginning at 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET, Xavier Samuel, one of the stars, will be live tweeting with the fans.

The Loved Ones Release Expands!

You have got to love Paramount. They actually listen to fans, and in this day and age that is something that's virtually unheard of. Case in point ... you wanted it, you got it! The theatrical release for the stunning horror flick The Loved Ones has expanded!

Exclusive Interview: The Loved Ones' Victoria Thaine on Good Girls and More!

In Sean Byrne's Australian darkly comedic horror flick The Loved Ones, we see what kind of hell gets unleashed when a "Daddy's Girl" named Lola doesn't get her way after she asks her fellow schoolmate Brent to the prom and he declines.

Exclusive Interview: Robin McLeavy Discusses Going Psycho for The Loved Ones, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and More

In Sean Byrne's Australian horror import The Loved Ones, Robin McLeavy plays spoiled "daddy's girl" Lola Stone, who isn't used to not getting her way, especially around prom season.

Spend Some Time with The Loved Ones

The Loved Ones is playing in select theatres right now, and if you need any more incentive to get your asses in gear to go out and see it, we have a brand new clip ready and waiting to entice you even more! Dig it!

Exclusive Interview: Xavier Samuel Discusses The Loved Ones, Bait and More

In Sean Byrne's The Loved Ones, up-and-coming Australian actor Xavier Samuel plays Brent, a high schooler suffering from depression who finds his will to live challenged when Lola (Robin McLeavy) doesn't take to kindly to him declining her invitation to the prom.

Get Hammered by this Exclusive Motion Image for The Loved Ones

Time for a nifty exclusive, kids! In anticipation of one of the best damned horror films we've seen in quite some time hitting U.S. shores courtesy of Paramount, we have nailed down another new motion image for you cats. Dig it!

Say Yes to the First Clip from The Loved Ones

It's so nice to know that the incredible little flick The Loved Ones is more than on its way to U.S. shores thanks to Paramount Insurge. To celebrate the film's eventual arrival, we have the very first clip right here for you!

Keep Things Moving with New Motion Images for The Loved Ones

Here at Dread Central we LOVE when people go the extra mile to support their movies, and the good folks over at Paramount always deliver in pretty cool and imaginative ways. To see what we're talking about, check out these new Loved Ones motion images!

UPDATE: Paramount Getting Ready to Take an Upper?

Ever since it hit our radar months ago, The Upper Footage (formerly Upper) has both confused and intrigued us. Amongst the many virals for it, we've seen two trailers and more but never any mention of when we could see the actual "footage". However, that could be changing soon.

New Trailer for The Loved Ones and Theater Listing!

Do yourself a favor ... if The Loved Ones is playing anywhere by you, just go. Even if you have to drive for a couple of hours, the horror punch this flick packs will make it all worth it. Read on for a new trailer and theater listing.