Third Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4 - Our 666 Prediction Comes True!

The first came at 6:00 am Monday morning. The second today at 6:00 am. Now the third trailer teaser has arrived - as we predicted - at 6:00 pm. 666. A trilogy of teasing terrors. Dig on the third trailer teaser for Paranormal Activity 4!

Second Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4

Okay, something is definitely going on here. Yesterday at 6:00 am Paramount released the first trailer teaser for Paranormal Activity 4. Today at 6:00 am they posted this second one. Could a third be on the way the next time that the clock strikes 6:00? 6:66 maybe? We shall see!

Check out the Paranormal Activity 4 Teaser!

August 1st. That's the day when you'll see the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4. How do we know? Because Paramount just released an all too brief teaser for the trailer, and we have that for you right here.

Drew Goddard Talks World War Z

A couple of weeks ago we told you about Drew Goddard stepping in to help with the ending of Paramount's much troubled adaptation of World War Z. Now Collider has caught up with the man himself, who brought with him some clarity to the situation.

Official Paranormal Activity 4 Title Treatment

Paramount has unveiled the title treatment for Paranormal Activity 4, and yes, it pretty much looks exactly how we expected it to. But hey, it is official, and when it comes to official information on the Paranormal Activity franchise, you needn't look much further than right here!

Paramount Lines Up Talent Behind Collider

Well then. We have no idea what this latest project is about, or even how Dread-worthy it will prove to be; however, given the talent involved, we'd be horribly remiss if we didn't bring this one to your attention.

The Loved Ones Drills its Way to DVD

The Loved Ones is finally coming home in September, and though we are severely bummed that there's no Blu-ray, at least the flick is coming unrated and ready to find its audience. Don't hesitate a single second about picking this one up!

World War Z Woes Continue

What a mess. At this point, nothing is surprising when it comes to news surrounding Paramount Pictures flop-in-the-making World War Z. And what's the latest? That producer and star Brad Pitt is not on speaking terms with oft-maligned director Marc Forster. Color us stunned!

New Trailer Comes in Fun Size

The trailer for Paramount's Halloween-themed trick or treat Fun Size is here, and though it's pretty damned light on the spooky, we just cannot resist talking about anything that happens during our favorite time of the year!

First Possible Casting News for Paranormal Activity 4

Some more news has come in for Paranormal Activity 4, and now that we're getting closer to October, we could be seeing a lot of it! Read on for the latest on who will be there sending shivers down your spine next.

Paramount and Shawn Levy Have Monster Problems

Rarely do films that will be in "the vein of" this or that catch our eye because we prefer original content over something that can be compared to something else. Unfortunately those types of flicks come once in a lifetime so we take what we can get.

Joe Cornish Heads to Snow Crash for Paramount

After the glory of Attack the Block, there is no film director Joe Cornish can make that will not get our attention. Given the fact that the latest film opus he's about to tackle, Snow Crash, involves some good old fashioned brain frying material, well that's just a bonus!

UPDATED: Join The Loved Ones' Xavier Samuel in a Live Twitter Q&A on June 15th

The theatrical run of The Loved Ones via Paramount/Tugg continues, and to generate a bit more buzz around the film, on this Friday, June 15th, beginning at 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET, Xavier Samuel, one of the stars, will be live tweeting with the fans.

The Loved Ones Release Expands!

You have got to love Paramount. They actually listen to fans, and in this day and age that is something that's virtually unheard of. Case in point ... you wanted it, you got it! The theatrical release for the stunning horror flick The Loved Ones has expanded!

Exclusive Interview: The Loved Ones' Victoria Thaine on Good Girls and More!

In Sean Byrne's Australian darkly comedic horror flick The Loved Ones, we see what kind of hell gets unleashed when a "Daddy's Girl" named Lola doesn't get her way after she asks her fellow schoolmate Brent to the prom and he declines.