Paramount Insurge

Paramount and Bad Robot Team Up for Low-Budget Thriller Valencia

Horror movies need not have inflated budgets to be effective, as films like Insidious and Sinister have recently proven. Following in their low-budget footsteps is a film called Valencia, which has just been given the green light. Read on!

Paramount Insurge to Look Through the Prism

The micro-budget genre arm of Paramount Pictures, Paramount Insurge, is ready to begin its spate of projects, and word of another has just hit the wire. THR reports that Insurge Pictures is picking up Prism, a pitch from emerging writer Ian Fried, who has had two other scripts land on The Black List.

Paramount Insurge to Celebrate the Equinox

Paramount's low budget division, Insurge, is getting ready to take off into hyper space with its first sci-fi themed flick known for now as Equinox. Don't worry, kids; this isn't a remake of the weirdo cult classic. It's a beast of a different kind.

Paramount Insurge Taking Us on a Family Vacation Gone Wrong

Most family vacations... well... they suck. The odds of everyone being completely happy with a chosen destination or idea is pretty slim. That being said, a little death and terror can go a long way in terms of livening things up.

Make a New Date with Paramount's The Devil Inside

Looking forward to seeing Paramount's latest possession flick The Devil Inside? Well, we've got some great news for you! You're gonna be able to dig on this new faux documentary sooner rather than later!

Chevy Suburban Home to Horror in Stranded

Paramount Insurge, an arm of the main studio dedicated to making films for under a million dollars each, may have another tale of terror ready to pop out from their ever so profitable sleeve. One that sees kids being picked off by evil forces while on the road.

Paramount Insurge to Reveal The Devil Inside

The devil, possession, and exorcisms continue to take up prime box office real estate in theatres for one simple reason - they make money and more times than not don't cost very much to make. Can you imagine a world with a big budget Michael Bay produced remake of The Exorcist complete with explosions? Thankfully, no one else can either or it probably would have been made already.