Paradise Lost

Paradise Officially Lost - Legendary Pulls Plug

The movie killing beast known around here as the fearsome Bloatedicus Budgetasaurus has struck again, this time dealing a death blow to a long talked about project that's gone straight to hell.

Paradise Lost Start Date Officially Postponed

This year a giant monster has been running roughshod throughout Hollywood stomping productions into the ground, causing general mayhem and breaking the hearts of fans. It's name ... Bloatedicus Budgetasaurus, and this beast just struck again!

Legendary Comics Putting Together a Paradise Lost Graphic Novel Tie-In

Artist Michael Kaluta (Starstruck, The Shadow) and writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Remains) are creating a graphic novel of epic proportions for Legendary Comics that will be a tie-in with Legendary Pictures' big screen adaptation of the classic tale Paradise Lost helmed by Alex Proyas, and today we have an update on what Niles and Kaluta are up to.

Adam and Eve Find Paradise Lost

No, we're not talking about the soft-core porn network, and we're not peddling personal massagers (not yet anyway, though we do endorse them). What we have on tap here is the latest bit of confirmed casting news for Alex Proyas' take on the classic tale Paradise Lost.

Dominic Purcell Lends Satan a Hand in Paradise Lost

Even more casting news has come in for Alex Proyas' take on the classic tale Paradise Lost. Let's face it; running Hell is probably a chore and a half what with all the torturing that needs to be done, etc. I mean, who exactly keeps stoking those fires anyway? Even big Lou can use a hand.

Callan McAuliffe Finds Paradise Lost

More casting news coming in for Alex Proyas' take on the classic tale Paradise Lost. Know what would be cool as hell? If Proyas would cast Meatloaf in a part. Imagine his new twist on "Paradise by the Dashboard Light"! Friggin' EPIC!

UPDATE: Casey Affleck Gets His Angel On for Paradise Lost; Camilla Belle Playing Eve

Following in brother Ben's (Bartleby in Dogma) angelic footsteps is Casey Affleck, who has just signed on to engage in a journey through hell in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Paradise Lost.

Will Benjamin Walker Find Paradise Lost?

More possible casting news coming in for Alex Proyas' take on the devilishly classic tale of Paradise Lost. Who's next to do battle with evil incarnate? Read on for the skinny!

Find Paradise Lost in the Devil's Eyes

Legendary Pictures has just released some new concept art for its upcoming film adaptation of Paradise Lost, and believe us when we tell you it's quite the eyeful! Read on for the goodies.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Early Concept Art - The Seventh Son and Paradise Lost

With all the news coming out of Comic-Con, it's impossible for us to be everywhere at once. You just never know what's going on where. Case in point ....

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Legendary Pictures Bringing Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, Paradise Lost and Mass Effect

Having some of the bigger studios sit out this year's San Diego Comic-Con has made room for others who've never been to the big show before to make a splash. Case in point - Legendary Pictures, who, for the first time ever, will hold a standalone panel to provide attendees with an early look at some of the films from its upcoming slate.

Will the Devil Make Bradley Cooper Do it in Paradise Lost?

Bradley Cooper is a super hot commodity in Hollywood right now, and from the looks of things, some upcoming roles are about to turn up the heat like a blazing inferno populated by writhing and burning damned souls, including that rat bastard Osama Bin Laden whom we just shot in the friggin' eye. Sorry. Still happy here.

Alex Proyas Adapting Paradise Lost in 3D! The Devil Made Him Do It!

Paradise Lost is one of those truly classic tales that has never had a proper adaptation. Maybe it's because the subject matter was deemed too much, or maybe Hollywood's technology was just too far behind. That's about to change, however, and here's to hoping it's pulled off with flying colors.

Exclusive: Stuart Hazeldine Talks Exam, Paradise Lost, and Tripods

In cinema it is oftentimes the simplest of concepts that yields the most rewarding results. While the splashy - and usually braindead - antics of filmmakers such as Michael Bay or Jerry Bruckheimer may garner a lion’s share of the media’s admittedly short attention span, there are dozens of other more quiet and intelligent films that are also deserving of our collective interest.

Two Versions of Paradise Lost on the Horizon

As seems to happen quite often in this crazy business we report on, two projects based on the same idea are about to battle it out for cinematic supremacy. This time the theme is "paradise", or more accurately, John Milton's Paradise Lost.