Panzer 88

Lots of New Panzer 88 Eye Candy!

Okay, so who is ready to beat off some invading aliens? Um... anyone? Oh, not like that, you filthy pervert! I mean with firepower. You couldn't beat off using firepower. Well, I guess you could if you're really, really kinky! In any event... on tap right now are new goodies from Panzer 88.

AFM 2013: Panzer 88 Artwork Ready for Combat

And the American Film Market wave of news keeps right on crashing against our shores. Next to hit is the sales artwork for the new horror flick Panzer 88. Dig on it, and look for more on this one really soon.

Yet More Badass Concept Art: Panzer 88

One flick we've been waiting patiently for to begin production is Panzer 88. While there's still nothing official, we have been assured the wheels are turning, and to prove it, we have some brand new concept art to drool over.

Badass Concept Art: Panzer 88

Those damned Nazis are it again (didn't Brad Pitt and company take them all down already?) in Panzer 88, a film which has been described as a "visceral, reality-based story with horror overtones", and we've got a look at some truly cool concept art for you.