Padraig Reynolds

Promo Trailer - Indie Creature Feature Rites of Spring

Ah, monster movies. So close to our hearts. So dear to our souls. In a world dominated by ghost stories, vampires, and slasher flicks, it's great to revisit the sub-genre of vicious beasts who have delivered so many screams. Hopefully that's exactly what we'll get with Padraig Reynolds' indie flick Rites of Spring.

New Artwork for Creature Feature Rites of Spring

It's great to see filmmakers going back to the old school approach to movie posters instead of the trendy overly Photoshopped floating heads route. Case in point: the new artwork for Padraig Reynolds' indie flick Rites of Spring.

Casting News and Some Early Artwork/Photos from Rites of Spring

After getting a few details yesterday on who'd be handling the creature effects for Padraig Reynolds' Rites of Spring, which begins lensing April 12th in and around Canton, Mississippi, now comes casting news, an updated synopsis, and some artwork and photos from the project.

The Creatures Come Out During the Rites of Spring

It's been a good two years since last we told you about the upcoming creature feature Rites of Spring, but now finally there's a bit of movement going on!