Paco Plaza

Nasty New Still from Rec 2

Another new image from Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza's upcoming sequel to their film REC (review here), entitled cleverly enough REC 2, just dropped online today, and of course we have it here for your infected pleasure!

Three Clips from REC 2

I love the Internet. Remember back in the days of the dinosaur when our only outlet to find out scoops and read about our most anticipated horror flicks was a few scattered magazines? They were great, but the wait for information could seem kind of endless. Now, just hours after we brought you the trailer for REC 2, three clips from the film have surfaced online!

New Bloody Teaser Trailer: REC 2

While the original REC (review here) wasn't exactly screaming for a sequel, let me be the first to admit that said sequel is looking pretty good, or at the very least packed with carnage. Lots and lots of carnage.

REC DVD News and REC 2 Website

Finally the film that inspired Quarantine, REC (review here), is getting a US DVD release of its own on July 14, 2009, and the sequel we've all been waiting for got its very own website. It's a good day to be a REC fan!

First Pics From REC 2!

It’s hard to tell what’s going on, but there’s definitely some chaos going down in the first images from REC 2 that showed up this morning over on Aullidos. On your right you can see a small sampling of one of them; click on it to check out the whole thing.

REC 2 Teaser Trailer

Spanish moviegoers are going to get a special treat when they head out to see Slumdog Millionaire this Friday in the form of the first teaser for REC 2. Since most of us won't get to see it, the kind folks over at Aullidos have uploaded it for your eyeballs!

Behind REC 2

It’s in Catalan so I have no idea what’s going on, but since it’s a news broadcast about the filming of REC 2 from back in November, I imagine it’s the usual light fluff that doesn’t really tell you a helluva lot about what the film’s about.

Plaza and Balaguero Want REC Respect

Paco Plaza and Jaume Balaguero, the men who brought us the cinéma-vérité delight known as REC (review), had a few choice words recently for Hollywood, Americans, and Quarantine.

REC 2 Teaser Art!

Over the weekend, those Spanish badasses at Aullidos got their hands on the first teaser poster for REC 2, the inevitable sequel to REC (review) that will hopefully take things in a completely different direction...

Balaguero and Plaza to Hit REC Again!

REC (review) directors Jaume Balaguero and Paco Plaza have been asked to once again show the world horrific events through the eyes of a hand-held camera.

REC DVD Arrives in May ... in Spain

The U.S. remake of REC (review) isn't due out till October 17th, so does that mean we have to wait that long to see the original on DVD? Nope!

REC (2007)

Reviewed by Andrew Kasch Starring Manuela Valasco, Javier Botet, Claudia Font, Pablo Rosso Directed by Paco Plaza & Jaume Balaguero