Pacific Rim

First Pacific Rim Clip Underscores the Fact that Idris Elba Should NOT Be Screwed With

Ever since we first watched him on HBO's "The Wire," we knew that Idris Elba was not someone you wanted to mess around with. Even though Omar didn't scare. That being said, this latest Pacific Rim clip has quite a temper.

Pacific Rim TV Spot Number 8,853,765,899 Crashes Ashore

Another TV spot for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim has arrived and according to it it's number 6. Honestly it seems as if we've seen a lot more than just that but who cares? Bring on number 8,853,765,900!

CONTEST CLOSED! Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Pacific Rim - Monster-Sized Contest

You want a gigantic, monster-sized epic of a Pacific Rim contest? You have GOT a gigantic, monster-sized epic of a Pacific Rim contest! Read on for your chance to win some amazing swag so you can gear up for the film's release!

New Pacific Rim Monsters and Robots Gallery

We promised you earlier that a special Pacific Rim monsters and robots gallery was on its way, and here it is... free of all those pesky humans! Check them out, and pray for July 12th to hurry up and get here!

Over 30 Images Roll in for Pacific Rim

Oh, dear reader, do we have some eye candy on tap for you! That's right! Get ready to suit up for lots of imagery for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. And check back in a little while because we have a special monsters and robots gallery to come!

New Two-Minute Pacific Rim Promo Takes Us to the Edge

If you were one of the smart ones who tuned in to the seriously good TV adaptation of Stephen King's "Under the Dome," then you also caught a new 2-minute long promo video for Pacific Rim. Just in case you missed it or wanna see it again... we have you covered!

New Pacific Rim IMAX One-Sheets Are Nothing Short of BADASS!

Every time we think we've seen every possible thing that they can think of to get us excited about Pacific Rim, something else comes along that makes us pee ourselves a little like jubilant puppies with no bladder control!

San Francisco Mourns This Latest Pacific Rim TV Spot

There have been so many Pacific Rim TV spots lately that we've actually lost count. Let's just call this one a new one and move on, shall we? Strap in and get ready for another combined minute and a half spent helping to cancel the apocalypse! Dig it!

Guillermo del Toro Talks More About Pacific Rim's Future

So Pacific Rim is poised and ready to become every fanboy's wet dream movie of the summer (we just cannot wait!), and director Guillermo del Toro had some interesting goodies to talk about in terms of the franchise's future.

New Pacific Rim One-Sheet Rife with Japanese Flavor

There's just something so very right about seeing a Japanese poster for Pacific Rim. The flick fits like a glove in terms of Japanese Kaiju culture. Check it out right here, and suffer through the agonizing wait for the film's release with us!

Pacific Rim HeroClix Jaeger and Kaiju Figures Coming in July

More Pacific Rim collectibles are coming our way, and today we have a look at the HeroClix line of Jaeger and Kaiju figures, which will be available beginning July 10th. Check out these two video meet-and-greets, and start drooling now!

Spend Some Time with the Jaegers of Pacific Rim

Another featurette in promotion of the upcoming Guillermo del Toro epic Pacific Rim has arrived, and it serves one specific purpose... to let you learn about the giant robot warriors known as Jaegers. Dig it!

Get a Triple Dose of Kaiju Action in this Trio of Pacific Rim TV Spots

TV spots 37,456, 37,457, and 37,458 have arrived for Pacific Rim; and we still want more! Strap in and get ready for another combined minute and a half spent helping to cancel the apocalypse! Check 'em out!

Pacific Rim Gets an International TV Spot; Third US Spot Is the Same as the UK's Version

A few weeks ago we saw a UK TV spot for Pacific Rim, and now it's being repackaged as a new spot for the US. Sneaky! Want more? Then check out the new international version.

More Pacific Rim Collectibles News: Get a Sneak Peek of Sideshow's Gipsy Danger

Not to be outdone by NECA, who revealed its first Pacific Rim figure earlier today (see it here), Sideshow has provided a sneak peek of its collectible statue based on the film's Gipsy Danger Jaeger Mech.