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Altered States of Plaine Returning to Brazil Later This Month and Will Debut on Latin American TV This Summer

We love reporting stories like these about indie features that find success. Read on for the details of what's coming up for Nick Gaglia's Altered States of Plaine.

New Clip from Altered States of Plaine Centers Around a Visitation; World Premiere Info

It's been a year since last we heard anything about Nick Gaglia's Altered States of Plaine, but he got in touch this week to provide us with a new exclusive clip and also let us know when and where the sci-fi tinged thriller will be having its world premiere.

Trailer Debut: Get Ready to Enter the Altered States of Plaine

Continuing our tradition of bringing you as much news as we can from the indie scene, today we have the trailer, a clip, a few stills, and the synopsis from Altered States of Plaine, a sci-fi tinged thriller in its final stages of post-production.