New Ouija Message Spells out S-H-I-T-C-A-N-N-E-D

Hey, remember that Ouija movie we've been talking about for ... oh, I don't know ... forever now? Well the messages from the other side are coming to a close. Blow out your candles and pull up the shades.

Universal's Ouija Spells Out the Name of Another New Writer

While we're still of the mindset that nothing made by Parker Brothers can actually contact the dead on the other side, we're still really interested in seeing just where the hell a movie based upon a board game is going to go.

New Writer Found for Universal's Supernatural Adventure Film Ouija

Since the powers-that-be are still using the description of "supernatural" in regard to the upcoming McG-directed Ouija, based on the popular board game, we're going to keep covering it. The latest news is that Evan Spiliotopoulos is set to rewrite the supernatural action-adventure film for Universal Pictures and Platinum Dunes.

Ouija Board Spells out "McG" as Director

And the proposed Ouija film finally has its director. And you know what? It kind of makes sense. Follow along with me for a moment if you will.

Breck Eisner and McG Both have Their Fingers on Universal's Ouija Planchette

Universal executives will have some food for thought over the holiday break as they try and decide just who should be at the helm of their upcoming movie which focuses on the Hasbro board game Ouija, which is said to let you communicate with the other side.

Ouija to Be Light on Horror and Heavy on Adventure

That makes sense, right? A talking board lets you supposedly contact the dead, thereby letting all manner of angry spirits and possible demonic beings into your lives to wreak havoc. Why shouldn't a story about one be more adventurous and less horrifying? Go, Hollywood!

Pierre Morel Puts Ouija Away, Looks Toward Earth Defense Force

Okay so we now know what Taken director Pierre Morel will not be doing next. It seems as if Universal's Ouija couldn't cast a big enough spell over the hot French director.

Pierre Morel's Ouija Pointing to Sam Raimi's Earth Defense Force?

Taken director Pierre Morel is getting closer to directing his next film for US audiences, but the question now beckons ... will it be an action packed ghost story or an action packed alien invasion flick?

Release Date-a-Polooza! The Dark Tower, Drive Angry, and Ouija!

With the year rapidly coming to an end (man, 2010 flew), two studios, Universal and Summit Entertainment, are busy firming up their film slates for next year and beyond. Get out your calendars, folks! Time to cross off a few dates!

Ouija Points to Lots of Directing Talent

Who would have thought a little movie based upon a Parker Brothers board game that supposedly enables you to communicate with the dead could cause such a stir in Hollywood!

Taken Director Pierre Morel Leading the Pack for Universal's Ouija Board

It's been a few months since last there was anything to talk about regarding Platinum Dunes' next film with Universal Pictures, entitled Ouija, but the planchette is now moving and pointing toward a director.

Brad Fuller Offers Updates on Ouija, Butcherhouse Chronicles, and The Birds

With the A Nightmare on Elm Street junket in full swing today (expect a full report soon), Platinum Dunes producer Brad Fuller offered some updates on several upcoming projects that we've been waiting to hear about.

Universal's Ouija Points to Writers

Ouija boards. We just can't understand how someone could believe that something made by Parker Bros. or Hasbro could possibly be of help in contacting the dead. But what of the real deal kind?

Hasbro Has Their Say on Ouija Film

You see, here's the thing ... if you believe that anything made by Hasbro or Parker Brothers can be used to communicate with the dead, then I got nothing for ya, man! For the love of Christ it's reality check time! I mean really!

Bay Gives F13 & Ouija Update

Hollywood Insider chatted it up with Michael Bay recently about all the various explosive pies his dynamite fingers have been in: Transformers, Ouija and the hot topic known as Platinum Dunes' Friday the 13th.