Ouija Board

Ouija Board Leads to Possession

We get sent a lot of videos around these parts. Some are good, most are bad...and some? Well, some scare the shit out of us. This latest video falls into the latter category. Check it out.

New Short Film: Joseph D. Johnson's Oracle

Have a half hour or so to spare? Then you might want to check out this new short film that crossed our path this morning: Joseph D. Johnson's Oracle, which involves one of those always troublesome Ouija boards becoming one woman's obsession.

Ouija Points to Lots of Directing Talent

Who would have thought a little movie based upon a Parker Brothers board game that supposedly enables you to communicate with the dead could cause such a stir in Hollywood!

Taken Director Pierre Morel Leading the Pack for Universal's Ouija Board

It's been a few months since last there was anything to talk about regarding Platinum Dunes' next film with Universal Pictures, entitled Ouija, but the planchette is now moving and pointing toward a director.