Universal Announces Release Dates for Ouija and Crimson Peak

Universal took some time today to announce release dates for two of their higher profile horror releases, Ouija and Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak. Read on for the latest details.

Matthew Settles for a Role in Ouija

More casting news is coming in over the weekend for the new film based on the use of Hasbro's board game that lets you communicate with the dead, thereby leading to your own possession by evil forces until you become emaciated and die. FUN!

Ouija Summons the Spirits of Four More Actresses

With cameras getting ready to roll any day now, casting announcements for Ouija have been coming in hot and heavy. Today the planchette points to not one, not two, not even three, but a whopping four new actresses. Read on!

Bates Motel's Olivia Cooke Speaks With Spirits for Ouija

The old planchette is pointing to new casting news for the upcoming flick Ouija as one "Bates Motel" star is leaving her oxygen tank at home to tango with the paranormal. Read on for details.

Daren Kagasoff Will Summon Spirits in Ouija

It's been well over a year since we've had anything to report about Universal's Ouija, based on the popular Hasbro board game. Finally the spirits are talking to us again. Read on for the first casting announcement!

Juliet Snowden and Stiles White Talk Ouija

Now that Universal has come to its senses and is letting Ouija, based upon the Hasbro board game that lets users talk to the dead, be a horror movie instead of a Jumanji-like adventure as originally planned, we're beyond excited and have an update on what to expect!

Ouija Points to New Writers

Not a day passes in which we're not grateful that Universal has come to its senses and is letting their film Ouija, based upon the Hasbro board game which lets users talk to the dead, be a horror movie instead of a Jumanji like adventure as originally planned.

Indie Horror Month Interview & Exclusive Stills Debut: Filmmaker Darren Lynch Discusses UK Indie Horror Flick Ouija

UK-based actor-turned-director Darren Lynch is currently finishing up his filmmaking debut Ouija, which he's hoping will be hitting theaters across the pond in time for Halloween.

Hasbro's Ouija Finally Pointing to Horror Film

We've been talking about what a missed opportunity it would be to turn a movie called Ouija, based on a board that lets you talk to the dead, into a big budget family extravaganza since the idea was first presented. Finally Hollywood has come to its senses!

The UK Summons Demons Via Ouija Board

While we continue to spin our wheels here in the States waiting for the "family adventure" that will be Ouija, based upon the Hasbro game which lets you contact the dead, our friends across the pond have a far more appropriate and sinister usage for the talking board cooking.

Hasbro's Ouija Spells Out Marti Noxon's Name

It's amazing to see Hasbro's Ouija adaptation rise from the grave, but that's exactly what it has done. It almost seems appropriate even. So what's the planchette pointing to today? The name of a new writer!

Ouija Shows Signs of Life?

Man, the dead sure can be chatty. The last time we checked in with the major motion picture adaptation of Hasbro's Ouija, the board spelled out S-H-I-T-C-A-N-N-E-D. Now, however, the planchette is moving once again.

New Ouija Message Spells out S-H-I-T-C-A-N-N-E-D

Hey, remember that Ouija movie we've been talking about for ... oh, I don't know ... forever now? Well the messages from the other side are coming to a close. Blow out your candles and pull up the shades.

Universal's Ouija Spells Out the Name of Another New Writer

While we're still of the mindset that nothing made by Parker Brothers can actually contact the dead on the other side, we're still really interested in seeing just where the hell a movie based upon a board game is going to go.

New Writer Found for Universal's Supernatural Adventure Film Ouija

Since the powers-that-be are still using the description of "supernatural" in regard to the upcoming McG-directed Ouija, based on the popular board game, we're going to keep covering it. The latest news is that Evan Spiliotopoulos is set to rewrite the supernatural action-adventure film for Universal Pictures and Platinum Dunes.