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Demons Are Everywhere in this New Promo for Supernatural Season 9

"Supernatural" has settled in nicely in its new Tuesday night time slot, much like the Winchesters have settled in at the Men of Letters' headquarters. However, as this new promo reminds us, once you're in the family business, demons never go away.

Kevin Provides an Update in this Clip from Supernatural Episode 9.06 - Heaven Can't Wait

Kevin gets one step closer to deciphering the tablet in this new clip from "Supernatural" Episode 9.06, "Heaven Can't Wait," but it's still going to take a lot more research. Check it out, and be sure to tune in next Tuesday night!

Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 9.02 - Devil May Care and a New Promo

Earlier today we posted an image gallery and preview of "Supernatural" Episode 9.02, "Devil May Care," and now we have a clip from the ep along with a new promo touting the show's move to Tuesday nights.

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 9.02 - Devil May Care

It's going to take awhile for us to get used to "Supernatural" being on Tuesday nights, but we'll happily follow the Winchesters anywhere they lead, especially after last night's strong return. Check out what's ahead in Episode 9.02, "Devil May Care."

Get a Sneak Peek of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

The Winchesters offer to show Crowley theirs if he'll show them his in this clip from the Season 8 finale, Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice." What exactly are they all "showing"? Not their dangly bits, that's for sure! Watch it and find out!

Image Gallery for Supernatural Season Finale Episode 8.23 - Sacrifice

With the fate of both Heaven and Hell hanging in the balance, we're looking for any info we can get on the Season 8 finale of "Supernatural," entitled "Sacrifice." Will someone have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Check out these stills for clues!

Make the Ultimate "Sacrifice" and Watch a Preview of the Supernatural Season 8 Finale

Hard to believe, but it's already time for the "Supernatural" Season 8 finale, and we have a preview of Episode 8.23, "Sacrifice," to share. Will Sam be successful in the Third Trial? Only time will tell!

There's No Escaping this Clip from Supernatural Episode 8.21 - The Great Escapist

With just three episodes remaining in Season 8 of "Supernatural," we're glad to see they'll be focused on Sam's attempt to complete the Third Trial. Check out a clip from Ep. 8.21, "The Great Escapist," along with synopses of Eps. 8.22, "Clip Show," and 8.23, "Sacrifice."

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.21 - The Great Escapist

After last night's filler episode of "Supernatural," the gang gets back on track toward the Third Trial in next week's Ep. 8.21, "The Great Escapist," which sees the return of Kevin, Crowley, and yes, Castiel. Check out a preview and image gallery along with info on The CW's new Xbox app.

Producer's Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.14 - Trial and Error

"Supernatural" executive producer Jeremy Carver has recorded a Producer's Preview for tonight's Episode 8.14, entitled "Trial and Error," and he promises the ep is a real emotional nail-biter. Check it out right here!

Image Gallery and Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.14 - Trial and Error

Last night's episode of "Supernatural" reaffirmed that the series definitely has some life left to it now that we've moved on from Sam's love life. Here's a look at what coming next week in Episode 8.14, "Trial and Error."

Lots of Eye Candy from Supernatural Episode 8.07 - A Little Slice of Kevin

With Sam and Dean so out of sync in this season of "Supernatural," we thank the gods for the great supporting players we've seen so far, and one of our favorites - Castiel - returns in Episode 8.07, "A Little Slice of Kevin." Have a look at over a dozen stills from the ep.

A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 8.07 - A Little Slice of Kevin

Hopefully there won't be any real slicing and dicing of the prophet Kevin in next week's Episode 8.07 of "Supernatural," but considering the turn of events depicted in this clip provided by The CW, we're not overly confident. After all, everyone knows no good ever comes of hiring a witch.

Get A Little Slice of Kevin in this Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.07

Castiel, Crowley, the prophet Kevin, and Kevin's tiger mom all converge in next week's episode of "Supernatural", entitled "A Little Slice of Kevin." Check out this preview of the ep, and look forward to some clips per usual from The CW soon.

Image Gallery and Preview of Supernatural Episode 8.04 - Bitten

"Supernatural" Season 8 is off and running, and while the rift between Sam and Dean feels a bit familiar, everything else is so far, so good; and we are digging the flashback approach to what happened in the past year. Ready to check out Episode 8.04, "Bitten," which tackles found footage?