Orphan Black

Get an Inside Look at BBC America's Orphan Black

BBC America has provided an inside look at its new original series "Orphan Black," which premieres on Saturday, March 30th. Dive into a story of doppelgangers and multiplicity - and find out why this world is "bewildering and really great entertainment!"

Meet the Characters in BBC America's Orphan Black

BBC America's new original series "Orphan Black" premieres on March 30th, and we have character descriptions and photos to share along with a new trailer and the official synopsis of the show's first episode.

Trailer, First Still, and Poster for Orphan Black Assume Identities

BBC America has quickly become a staple cable channel here around the Dread Central offices, and we have a new trailer for their latest bit of spookery... a creepy tale of cloning known as "Orphan Black." Dig it!

Who is Ophan Black? Find Out in this Latest Casting News

Other than AMC and the Travel Channel, BBC America is probably one of the most watched channels here at Dread Central HQ, and the reason is simple... a lot of their shows kick a copious amount of ass, and we have some casting news on their latest one, "Orphan Black."

Tatiana Maslany Becomes the Orphan Black

Clones. If they would be of any use to you at all, it would be for things like organ replacement, family dinners, or... I don't know... bait for a psycho to kill instead of you. The uses for these things could come in very handy!