Oren Peli

First Footage From ABC's The River

Okay! Who's ready for the first teaser clip from "The River," a new horror show from Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli for ABC? I know we are, and that's exactly what we have for you right now. Hold on tight.

Go Behind-the-Scenes on Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has updated his official blog with several behind-the-scenes images of F/X artist Wayne Toth working on one of the film's many masks. Given their past film relationship both Toth and Zombie know a hell of a lot about masks. Dig it!

Oren Peli Heads to a Ghost Town This Summer

If there's one thing that Oren Peli is good at, it's taking every day situations and twisting them into absolute nightmares by injecting a healthy dosage of the supernatural. This summer the director will be working on an all new haunt.

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Full Synopsis Revealed

The official detailed synopsis for Rob Zombie's next film, The Lords of Salem, debuted online today at the IM Global website, giving you the first bits of insight into the film's characters. Read on for all of the gory details.

Exclusive Breaking News: Big Names for Paranormal Activity 3

You want the rock solid, no rumor BS Paranormal Activity 3 news that you can count on to be real? We have it right here for you. Read on for all of the details that you've been looking for to start getting yourself ready for when things go bump in the night this fall!

Chris Landon Returning to Write Paranormal Activity 3

There's no question about it the sequel to Paranormal Activity just shouldn't have worked. Yet, it did. Lightning struck twice and Paranormal Activity 2 went on to become a huge success. A bit of news has surfaced today concerning the third film in the franchise and as always we have it for you here.

The Lords of Salem - More Location Scouting from Rob Zombie

Singer/filmmaker Rob Zombie has updated his blog with a few more images from his recent round of location scouting around Salem for his latest flick, The Lords of Salem, so of course we're here to point you in their direction.

Lionsgate Takes Us to The Bay

Finally Barry Levinson's tale of things gone horribly awry in a small towm, The Bay, has a home, and we have got all of the details that you need to get the blood pumping for some good old fashioned nature-run-amok action! Dig it! From the Press Release

Area 51 Being Spruced Up by Paramount

It's been a long time since we have heard anything about Oren (Paranormal Activity) Peli's next feature film, Area 51, but some new developments have come to light.

Jeff Galfer Sails on Down The River

And the cast for ABC's "The River" continues to grow. We take this as a good sign as the more characters there are, the higher the probability is that they will end up dead, dispatched in some hopefully heinous supernatural way!

Things Get Gruesome in The Bay

We've been talking about Barry Levinson's The Bay for a while, and up until now all we've been able to do is talk. However, we have just gotten our hands on some nice slices of disturbing to get you through your afternoon.

First Official Image: Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

Get excited, kids. The first official image from Rob Zombie's next film, The Lords of Salem, is here, and it echoes the goodness of Mario Bava's Black Sunday. Dig it! Jason Blum, Steven Schneider, and Oren Peli of Haunted Pictures will be producing as well as Zombie regulars Andy Gould and Brian Kavanaugh-Jones as cameras roll this May, on location in Massachusetts.

Plot Details Emerge for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Some more plot details for the upcoming The Lords of Salem, the latest film by the polarizing musician turned filmmaker Rob Zombie, came in today. No matter your opinion of Zombie, love him or hate him, you can't deny the man has his followers. We'll see what fans and detractors have to say as even more details come in.

Rob Zombie Gives Us a Peek at The Lords of Salem

Well, okay, maybe not the Lords themselves, but today musician and filmmaker Rob Zombie offered fans a look at one of the upcoming film's possible locations, and fortunately it's looking appropriately creepy. Dig it!

More Paranormal Activity 3 Rumors Hit the Interwebs! A Debunking We Will Go!

There's no question that Paranormal Activity 3 is a sequel just about every horror fan and media website are keeping a close eye on. As a result of the fervor these films have a habit of causing in the dusty old rumor mill, we're here to give it to you straight and only report on what's true.