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CASTING SHOCKER! Sheri Moon Zombie Joins The Lords of Salem!

And the casting news continues for the next film coming from director Rob Zombie. A very familiar face will soon be strutting her stuff around Salem! Read on for all of the gratuitous details minus the obligatory ass shots that will have fans' tongues wagging.

Bruce Dern Joins the Cast for Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

It may be Sunday, but you know the saying - There's no rest for the wicked. Which must be why Rob Zombie chose today to announce some of the biggest casting news yet for his upcoming Lords of Salem. Read on for the details.

Paranormal Activity 3 - THE FIRST REVIEW!

Fantastic Fest 2011 will be remembered for a lot of things, but another feather is here to be placed into its waiting cap ... the event was the site of an unannounced midnight screening of the highly anticipated Paranormal Activity 3, and our man Drew Tinnin was there to bring you back the verdict with the first EVER review!

Fourth Paranormal Activity 3 Viral Clip Hits Net

Clip Four in the series of Paranormal Activity 3 virals has made its way online, and just like with everything that's come before it, we have it for you right here!

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Rock Out to Norwegian Death Metal

Fans of Norwegian death metal, rejoice! Come on! Let us hear you. No really. Um ... Oh, okay. More casting news for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem has come our way, and we have it for you hot and fresh.

New Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer; Be the First to See the Movie!

The time is getting closer, kids! Soon Paranormal Activity 3 will be haunting a theatre near you, and we've got a new full trailer along with all three viral clips and details about how you can be amongst the first to see the film! Read on for the goods!

Third Viral Clip from Paranormal Activity 3

And the creepiness continues this fine Monday afternoon with a third clip surfacing for Paranormal Activity 3. What terrors await? Read on to find out and see for yourself.

Exclusive Shiver Inducing Clip - Paranormal Activity 3

Here we are. Monday afternoon. Suddenly a knock on the door reveals a messenger carrying a box containing an old VCR. Confused, we sign for it and take it inside. Upon opening it up, we find yet another package inside along with the dusty VHS player.

Ultra Spooky First Clip from Paranormal Activity 3

The madness has begun. The first clips from Paranormal Activity 3 have begun hitting the Net in the strangest way possible ... via VHS tape! More on that later; for now dig on the goods!

Uncle Seymour Coffins Joins Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has long been one to find a set of actors that he digs and stick with them. Now, straight out of a dual role in Halloween II to yet another gig in The Lords of Salem, is the Geico caveman himself, Jeff Daniel Phillips!

What's Happening? Ernest Thomas in Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie has made a practice of taking actors whose stars have long faded and thrusting them back into the spotlight. Things are no different in his latest film, The Lords of Salem, as a very familiar face from the Seventies has joined the cast.

See the Official Paranormal Activity 3 One-Sheet RIGHT NOW!

In a co-exclusive with our brothers at Bloody Disgusting, we are proud to debut to you the first official one-sheet for the latest entry into the franchise that showed people what it's like to be truly afraid of the dark.

Meg Foster to Take on Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

Any time we think of star Meg Foster around here, the first thing that comes to mind are those strikingly haunting eyes of hers. Eyes that are now focused on Rob Zombie's latest film, The Lords of Salem.

The First TV Spot for Paranormal Activity 3 is HERE!

Originally aired during the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this week, we've finally gotten our hands on the first ever TV spot for the highly anticipated sequel Paranormal Activity 3. Dig it!