Oren Peli

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Go to Church

Well, not really. We don't imagine they're much for religion. However, we do have yet another behind-the-scenes shot from the flick for you of the church used in the movie as a location. Check it out.

Latest Lords of Salem Imagery Offers Directions

Feeling a little lost? Need some direction? No worries, kids! Rob Zombie is here to guide you along your way with the latest imagery from his new film, The Lords of Salem! Check it out!

Rob Zombie Gets Our Goat in Latest Images from The Lords of Salem

Once again Rob Zombie is proving that no one needs a PR team when they have Facebook as he's just posted a couple of new images from his currently filming The Lords of Salem that are sure to get your goat! Check 'em out!

Patricia Quinn Sees the Future of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Just when you thought the casting news for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem had come to an end, the rocker turned filmmaker pulls another trick out of his already weighty bag.

The Lords of Salem: Artwork for Film-Within-the-Film Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder; Behind-the-Scenes Photos

You have to hand it Rob Zombie. When it comes to creating alternate worlds within his films, he takes that shit seriously! Case in point: the debut of artwork for film-within-the-film Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder from his upcoming Lords of Salem. Along with that we also have a few behind-the-scenes peeks at what's been transpiring on the set these past 19 days.

Sid Haig Hunting Witches in Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

We've been hoping. We've been praying. And finally the announcement has come. The Captain himself has joined the ranks of Rob Zombie's ensemble cast for The Lords of Salem, and we're tickled friggin' pink!

Shadowy New Image from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Rob Zombie released the first official still from his upcoming The Lords of Salem today featuring actor Bruce Davison having a little quiet time before the ensuing chaos. Check it out!

Cast Files into Oren Peli's Ghost Town

Given the millions made on the Paranormal Activity franchise, which features one demon haunting a family's lineage, who wouldn't want to see what would happen if the imagination of creator Oren Peli was set free in an entire town full of ghosts?

Paranormal Activity 3 Celebrating Halloween with Bloody Mary Monday!

In theatres right now there is no greater Halloween treat than Paranormal Activity 3. If you're in the market for some big screen scares, this is your ticket. And in select theatres you'll be getting a whole lot more than just that!

Rob Zombie Taps Another Horror Icon for The Lords of Salem

We're not sure how much bigger the cast of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem can get, but we're certainly not complaining about his newest addition: horror icon Michael Berryman, best known for playing "Pluto" in the original The Hills Have Eyes.

Exclusive: Dread Central Chats With Paranormal Activity 3 Star Lauren Bittner

In Paranormal Activity 3 up-and-coming actress Lauren Bittner portrays Julie, the super-sensible mom trying to raise her two young daughters, Kristi (Jessica Tyler Brown) and Katie (Chloe Csengery), with the help of her videographer boyfriend Dennis (Christopher Nicholas Smith). But for anyone who has seen the first two installments in the growing Paranormal Activity franchise, we know that things won't be going very smoothly for Julie, Dennis and the girls once Kristi's new imaginary friend "Toby" settles in to torment the young family.

Paranormal Activity Trilogy Haunting Theatres for One Night Only

The most profitable horror franchise of the last ten years is bringing it all together for one spooktacular evening of frights. Can your psyche stand watching all three Paranormal Activity movies one after the other?

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Gets a British Accent with Newest Cast Addition

As an impressionable young girl growing up in the Sixties, few films had as much of an impact on yours truly as the classic To Sir, With Love so I couldn't be happier with the news that UK-born Judy Geeson has been tapped by Rob Zombie to join the cast of his currently filming The Lords of Salem.

Sadistic New Sales Art - Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Another goodie coming in pre-AFM, this time for the much talked about new feature film from Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem, which gives a whole new meaning to the term "strap in". Read on for the sinister!

Katie Featherston Officially Heading to The River

Official confirmation has come for some casting news regarding ABC's "The River" which we told you about a few days ago. Fans will be treated to a bit of a paranormal reunion on TV when the show debuts on the easy to spell network.