One Way Trip

Things Get Dangerous in Latest One Way Trip Images

Thus far we've seen many a cool one-sheet for One Way Trip 3D, and now a couple of new stills have emerged that showcase some action. We like action. Action is good. For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page! Synopsis

New One Way Trip 3D One-Sheet Ready for its Close-Up

More eye candy coming out of the One Way Trip 3D camp as yet another new one-sheet, this time more character specific, has made its way online. Dig it! For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page! Synopsis

English Subtitled One Way Trip Trailer Makes its Debut

Another exclusive trailer debut has come our way, this time for the latest foreign import One Way Trip 3D, and we have it for you right here complete with subtitles so you'll know what the hell is going on for a change. Dig it! For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page!

Tweaked Out New One-Sheet - One Way Trip 3D

After the shindig that was our annual 4th of July/DC BDay bash, we're kind of running low on ... um ... party favors here around the DC offices. Good thing we have a brand spanking new one-sheet for One Way Trip 3D to keep our heads in the right place!

Start Trippin' on the Teaser for One Way Trip 3D

Yeah, man. It's time to like, you know, dig on the ... what? Yeah, that's cool. Especially if you're lookin' to ... huh? Oh yeah, right on! All that red. It's like all swirly and stuff. Can you dig it? The teaser trailer for One Way Trip 3D. Yeah, man, that.

One Way Trip Leads to a Badass One-Sheet

The good folks behind the upcoming slasher opus One Way Trip 3D have dropped what very well could be the best damned bit of poster art we've seen all year on us! Get ready to dig on every glorious pixel! For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page! Synopsis

Trailer Debut - One Way Trip 3D

A low resolution, but thankfully English subtitled trailer for the headsy little slasher flick One Way Trip 3D has made its way online, and we have it here waiting for you with a gift card to 7-11 in case you get the munchies. Just bring us back a cheeseburger Big Bite.

Latest One Way Trip 3D One-Sheet Gives Us The Munchies

So yeah, man. Sometimes there's nothing finer than a little mushroom induced love, and the latest one-sheet for One Way Trip 3D appears to have the perfect hallucinogenic recipe for terror! Dig on the eye candy below courtesy of the official One Way Trip Facebook page!

First Stills: One Way Trip 3D

3D slasher movies can be a lot of fun. Especially when blood and entrails are being flown at the audience with reckless abandon. Will One Way Trip 3D deliver the goods? Check out the first official images from the flick.

Behind-the-Scenes: One Way Trip 3D

Excited for the next 3D slasher film coming our way, One Way Trip 3D? Well then you'll dig on the following behind-the-scenes goodness that will help you prep for the journey!

Early Sales Art and Synopsis: One Way Trip 3D

Production on Markus Welter's latest 3D slasher film One Way Trip is officially under way in Switzerland, and to mark the occasion, some early sales art, a synopsis, and even some behind-the-scenes imagery have hit the interwebs.

Take a 3D One Way Trip to Slasherville

Ah, the slasher film. So good. So gory. So deliciously slicey dicey! If My Bloody Valentine 3D proved anything, it was that the notion of bodies being horribly eviscerated in 3D can be lots of fun! The good news? There's a brand new slasher coming our way that's looking to fill all three dimensions with gore!