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Berserk Adaptation Coming With HUGE Names Attached?

It was many years ago when I first became familiar with Kentaro Miura's anime Berserk. Actually I was playing Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage on the Sega Dreamcast. A violent warrior swinging a giant sword against hordes of demons? I was hooked! Perfect fodder for a movie.

Guillermo del Toro and Sam Raimi Want You Screaming

During "The Ever-Changing World of Filmmaking" panel at CinemaCon Vegas, filmmakers Sam Raimi, Guillermo del Toro, and Oliver Stone had a lot to say about movies. In terms of the horror genre Raimi and Del Toro in particular had some interesting things to share about its appeal.

Exclusive: Co-Writer/Director Sean Stone Talks Greystone Park

Today co-writer/director Sean Stone's feature film debut, Greystone Park, hits DVD and Blu-ray courtesy of Xlrator Media. The found footage spookfest also stars Stone and his co-writer on the project, Alexander Wraith, and features a cameo by Sean's iconic father, Oliver Stone.

Greystone Park to Premiere at L.A. Horror Fest

L.A. Horror Fest founding partner James Groth tipped us off to the Los Angeles premiere of Sean Stone’s found-footage flick Greystone Park, which will take place at 8pm Saturday, October 27th, at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, CA. Read on for details regarding the two-day film festival!

Greystone Park (2012)

Starring Sean Stone, Alexander Wraith, Antonella Lentini, Oliver Stone Directed by Sean Stone

Times Scare NY to Host Free Screening of Sean Stone's Greystone Park

With Halloween just around the corner, it seems everyone is in the holiday spirit. And fans in the New York area are certainly in for a treat as XLrator Media and Times Scare NY are hosting a free screening of Greystone Park with director Sean Stone in attendance.

Exclusive Clip from Greystone Park Disturbs the Dead

Alrighty, kids! Exclusive time! Next on tap for you cats is an exclusive clip from the next flick to take place in a haunted insane asylum, Greystone Park. Turn your lights down and your sound up. The dead are ready to disturb you!

Greystone Park Opens its Gates on Facebook

An official Facebook page has opened up in promotion of the next flick to take place in a haunted insane asylum (who doesn't love them?), and we've got your directions and more. Read on for the skinny!

Bloody New Image Gallery Now Online for Greystone Park

The good folks over at XLrator Media hit us off with a gallery of eye candy from Sean Stone's (son of director Oliver Stone) insane new flick Greystone Park. Time to get a little crazy, kids! Dig it!

Go Insane for the Trailer for Greystone Park

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned horror flick that's set in an insane asylum? Odds are pretty good that if you're here reading this, you're likely to dig this kind of terror tale, but if you need even more convincing, check out the trailer.

New Poster and Release Info for Sean Stone's Greystone Park

With Comic-Con winding down, we're able to sift through the emails that have landed in our inbox over the past few days, and one that caught our attention involves Greystone Park from Oliver Stone's son, Sean. Read on for a look at the film's new poster and release dates.

Stone In Talks For Helter Skelter

Oliver Stone hasn’t been on much of a winning streak lately, but today brings us rumblings of a project that might just suit the director’s frenzied style.