Offspring: The Woman

Lucky Mckee Shows Off His Website and His Woman

Yes, the original adaptation of the Jack Ketchum novel The Offspring was mediocre at best, but with indie maven Lucky McKee behind the camera for the sequel, Offspring: The Woman, we can't help but be excited. The official website for Offspring: The Woman opened its doors today with the first ever look at the titular title character. Dig on it below and hit up that link for more. The Woman stars Angela Bettis, Pollyanna McIntosh, and Sean Bridgers. Synopsis

New Behind-the-Scenes Video - Lucky McKee's Offspring Sequel The Woman

While the original film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Offspring left a lot to be desired, we do have high hopes for its sequel thanks to talented indie director Lucky McKee being at its helm. Time for a quick look behind-the-scenes.

New Details on Lucky Mckee's Offspring Sequel The Woman

We've yet to see a really kickass film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's work, but if there's any one young filmmaker out there who stands a chance of delivering the goods, it's Lucky McKee (May). A couple of months ago we reported that McKee was re-teaming with Angela Bettis to bring us the sequel to Ketchum's Offspring called The Woman, and now finally a bit more has come to light regarding the project.

Lucky McKee and Angela Bettis Reteam on Jack Ketchum's Offspring: The Woman

The team who brought us the incredible May, director Lucky McKee and actress Angela Bettis, are hooking up once more to take us deep into the wonderfully sick mind of Jack Ketchum!